Reunion 2009, Nashville, Tenn., Page, 8

Steve Massey setting for Group Picture only everyone else was behind Photographer in Hosp. Rm.

Mike Swank, Ken Strickland, Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson & Charlie Prather in Hosp. Rm.

Mr. Jim Ed Brown singing & the picture isn't that good, but that Circle of Floor he is standing on is from the Original "Grand Ole Opry House". They removed it from the before the Opry House flooded this year about four or five months ago, but it has been re-installed for the opening Night this Sept. 28th 2010.

Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson & Mrs.  Fran Strickland

Mrs. Fran Strickland & Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson on Ron-Bob's Harley

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