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PBR (Patrol Boat River) Alpha (ASPB: Assault Support Patrol Boat) Charlie (CCB: Communications Control Boat) Monitor (M) Tango (ATC: Armored Troop Carrier)
PBR Alpha (ASPB) Charlie (CCB) Monitor (M) Tango (ACT)
Boats of the Mobile Riverine Force Supported by the ARL-23 in Vietnam

NEW** 2020 Mobile Reunion Cancelled 11/24/19**




Everything you want to know about the ARL-23 from the 1940's to Vietnam


ARL-23 Reunion info and photos from past reunions


Reunion 2017 Charleston II, FL. Pictures Posted Page1, 

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Everything you would ever want to know about ARL's, LCVP's, etc.

Photo from the crew, 1940's to Vietnam

How this Web-Site got started

Personal letters, family grams from prior Satyr CO's, etc.

Real Media Video Clips of prior reunions and the ARL-23 in the Mekong Delta

Pic's added  VN-Crew (Jul-2014)

Articles, Stories, etc. A wealth of information about the ARL-23 in Vietnam, Vietnam and other items of interest

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ARL-23 & LST-603, 2015 Reunion, Pensacola, FL., Pictures Posted, (more to come). ***2016 Reunion Info Pending***

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