About Starting this Site, Bruce Schulze RM3
USS Satyr 70-71

After graduating from high school in Durant, OK in 1967, I joined the U.S. Navy and was later assigned to the U.S.S. Arlington (AGMR-2). After my tour on the Arlington and a three day stay at the Annapolis BOQ/BEQ in Saigon, I was ordered to the U.S.S Satyr (ARL-23) with a report for duty on 19 February 1970. On my arrival the Satyr was near Tan Chau which was located on the West Bank of the Mekong River not too far from Cambodia. I was a Radioman 3rd Class while assigned to the Satyr and was advanced to that rate the very day of my report for duty. This Homepage contains some of the approximately 300 photos (converted from slides) that I took during my one-year tour in Vietnam. Also included are several photos from Satyr crewmembers and other items of interest. After Vietnam, I attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, OK graduating with a BS degree in Industrial and Safety Education. I am a trooper with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and have been in law enforcement since 1974. My father was a Combat Medic with the 45th Infantry Division during WWII and retired from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after 28 years of service.

In late 1997 I began searching the Internet for anything related to the ARL-23. The only information found was a brief history of her from WWII to Vietnam. I then decided that something should be put on-line about the Satyr. I had several of my slides converted to 3-inch prints and immediately started scanning. The first site went on-line in December of 1997 with approximately 40 photos and a few other items related to my tour in Vietnam. It wasn't any time before some of the ex crew started e-mailing me offering to send their photos and other memorabilia. The site gradually grew after that, and now includes numerous photos and many items of interest related to Vietnam and before. A special Thank-you to Gordon Welch, USS Satyr, 1970, and Richard Pettit, USS Satyr, 1969-1971. These guys really helped me during the early stages of setting up the Home Page. During the 1998 MRFA Convention in San Diego, Gordon gave me the first full length photo of the Satyr to be on the Home Page. Richard pitched in with help on design and gave me several photos and newspaper articles. The Home Page was moved to a new server in July of 1999 and the domain USSSATYR.COM was registered.

The ARL-23 in Vietnam Home Page is dedicated to all of the ship's company who served from WWII to turnover to the South Vietnamese in 1971, and after. Lately I have been hearing from some of the Vietnamese crew who served on board the Satyr which was renamed the Vinh Long (HQ-802). The site will continue to grow and I hope that you really enjoy your visit.

Bruce Schulze RM3
USS Satyr 70-71

November 19, 2001