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Vietnam WWII & Korea

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Anderson, George P. (46-47), P.O. Box 579 Gretna, VA 24557, E-Mail:
Bennett, Mel 2566 West 234th St., Torrance, CA 90505  
Buirge, Maurice R. (1946), 9415 Saratoga Dr. Pittsburg, PA 15237-6123, Home PH: 412-366-3624
Carter, Justin SA/S1/c (44-46) 41 Pendleton Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22405, PH: 540-373-0234E-Mail:  I went aboard as a deck ape. Transferred to comm. as a radioman striker. Didn't make PO. difficult to do aboard ship. Finished as S1/c. I was only in for 2 years. Went in on D-day, 3 days after I finished HS. I'll be visiting the web site. Thanks, Justin  [12/11/16]
Carter, Leo (deceased)
Cash, Milton F. 10 Hunting St. North Attleboro, MA. 02760, Home PH: 944-46 508-695-7255  
Cauley, Oliver V. (43-45), RR-5 Box 157C, Kingston, NC. 28501, Home PH: 919-527-5562
Covaleski, Albert John Jr. FN (02/45-07/46), 79 Lafayette Ave, New Brighton, NY, E-Mail: NOTE FROM HIS SON: According to my Dad's records, he served aboard the USS Satyr, but I have no specific dates (records show 26FEB45 to 3JUL46). All he ever told me was he was on a LST and he was at some point in the Pacific as I have a Japanese bayonet he brought back. He never said much more than that and never talked about his service much. He passed away a few years ago and I am now unable to find out any further information. The address listed is what is listed on his service records. E-Mail me if anyone has any information, I would appreciate it. [10/26/11]
Cook, Charles E.  S1C, First Division, (1946), 22 Crabapple Lane, Rome, GA. 30165, PH: 706-235-6911. In the Spring of 1946,I was transferred from ARL-4 Adonis to ARL-23 Satyr in the Wangpoo River, Shangai, China. Satyr played an active part in the China Revolution in North China and Manchuria. I was discharged off the Satyr in Long Beach, California on December 02,1946. While serving aboard the Satyr we served ports in Japan, China and Manchuria. The hull was sandblasted in Pearl Harbor, but I cannot remember the date. One of my duties aboard the Satyr was LCVP coxswain and third loader for on the 40 cal.   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Crutchfield, Lee   ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Curtis, AL,
FN 1c, Eng Dept., (1947), 4760 NO. Wind Blvd, Kissimmee, FL. 34746, PH: 407-396-8161, E-Mail: , I was only onboard for 3 months, was transferred to the USS Satyr for training, from Steam Engines to Diesel Engines, that's the Navy way.
DeSantis, Leo
MM3, (45-46), I was aboard the Satyr when it was commissioned in Jacksonville, FL. and stayed on board 'till I was discharged in Japan in 1946 2210 6th Street, Vero Beach, Florida, 32962, PH: 772-778-1761,  No E-Mail but can be contacted at E-Mail:

Dickrell, Ambrose (Dick)
QM3/C, (1946), 311 S. Karlyn St., Kimberly, WI 54136, PH: (920) 734-9963, E-Mail:
Ferebee, Claud W. ENS. Supply Div., (04/45-08/46), 4801 Pershing Ave. Ft Worth, TX. 76107, PH: 817-738-0114, E-Mail:
Fullam, George (44-46)   (Deceased 04/6/2011)
Frech, August W. MM3, (02/46-01/48), 7 Crestview Drive, S.E., Rome, GA 30161 E-Mail:
Gavigan, William LCDR, USN Ret., (03/45-03/46), 123 Wertsville Rd., Ringoes, NJ. 08551, First CO
Gibbons, Thomas R.  (46-47), P.O. Box 757, Tellico Plains, TN 37385, E-Mail: Boarded the Satyr  in the spring of 1946 and remained aboard until she was decommissioned in  1947 at San Diego, CA.   
Glinski, Thaddeaus  John, (01/42 to 01/45), 8936 Waymond Ave.  Highland, IN. 46322, E-Mail:  (Deceased  01/19/85)
Greimann, Richard (43-46), 102 N. Vine St. Blanchester, OH. 45107
Guthrie, John SN 1st Class, (46-47), 8141 Mid Haven Rd, Baltimore, MD 21222, PH: 410/288-6789, Coxswain of Captain's Launch!
Janosco, William R. (01/44-06/46), 2781 Anita Ave., Lake Havasu City, AZ. 86404, PH: 520-453-7655,   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures & 40's & Commissioning Crew Roster    [07/21/16] 
Johnson, Cone William (Bill) 
PHM 2/c, (3/46-6/46) Sick Bay, 1506 Highland Park Rd., Denton, TX. 76205, I was the hospital corpsman and, with no doctor, the chief medical authority. On one occasion, I had to temporarily relieve the skipper of command. We made many trips from Shanghai to Hulata ferrying Chinese Nationalist troops to fight ChiComs and feudal lords. Our view of Manchuria was bleak: red clay and no trees. Just after our last trip, a similar ship was sunk at dockside, which halted our runs and, shortly after, we were stopped by a Russian man-of-war, boarded and searched by filthy, stinking Russian sailors, who were disappointed not to find a ship full of Chinese troops. I left the ship in Japan[05/16/11]  
Klimco, Ed (Betty), 21503 Franklin Road, Maple Heights, OH. 44137

Kreidel,Alfred: Chief .Machinist, Repair Shop, (1944), 3 MacKay  Ln., Newark, DE., 19713, PH: 302-731-0467  Deceased 2005 " My Grandfather is my Hero We never talked about the war or his time on the Satyr. Only that he LOVED the Navy ,his ship and his shipmates. If anyone has any info about him, please contact me and THANKS in advance. He was a Chief Machinist and  Assistant Repair Officer.
Lancelloti, Vincent
14 Thunder Road, Glenwood, NJ
Laramie, Louis Jr. (Deceased 01/01/88),  MoMM2C, Repair shop, (12/44-12/45), Clinton, MA. 01510, Home PH: 978-365-3143 Work PH: 978-365-3143  (Daughter), My Dad never really talked about his time in the Navy or his time on the Satyr. I now wish he had shared that part of his life. I would like to learn all that I can and I only hope there are still some people out there that can help, THANKS E-Mail:
Logan, Thomas M.
(Deceased, Jan 2001), (02/47-12/47), 91 Country Club Terr. Winchester, TN. 37399, Home PH: 615-967-2215   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Luchansky, Martin Coxswain 3rd Class, 245 Poppy Lane, Matteson, IL, 60443
McArdle, Joe. (1945), 2426 Millcroft Dr., Henderson, NV. 89014, PH: 702-451-0843
Miles, Reid   ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Mindlin, Edward S.
(44-46), 15 Auche Knoll, Franklin, NJ. 07416, PH: 201-827-3406, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Picture
Noel, John
     ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Passante, Frank
232 Garden Ave., Horsham, PA., 19044, ( Deceased )
Riegel, George GM1, 29611-155 Frontage Road, Wilmington, IL. 60481

Saunders, David H.
Motor Machinist Mate, (01/45-11/45), Eureka, CA, E-Mail:
Seagraves, Raymond
(1946) ,P.O. Box 146. Milford, NJ. 08848, PH: 918-995-4469
Seamans, Richard  M0MM, Black Gang, (05/43-06/46), 82 Gaisler Road, Blairstown, NJ. 07825, PH: 908-362-5965, E-Mail: 
Secor, Clifford R.,  (Deceased 1991) Nephew's address PH & E-Mail: 1218 Modoc Ave., Norfolk, VA., 23503, PH: 757-480-2714,  Clifford r. Secor Passed away in 1991 I believe he was involved in piloting a boat in the invasion of Okinawa Would like to here any stories from his shipmates or any information Thanks Robert Rogers [10/9/12]  
Skabialka, Joseph S.
Carpenters Mate 3C, (11/45-06/46), 1635 Missouri State Rd., Arnold, MO. 63010, PH: 636-296-1014, E-Mail: JOESKILSAW@AOL.COM
Smith, Bernard, RM2c, OPS, (12/03/44 - 12/02/45), 703 N. 60th Street Seattle, WA. 98103, PH: 206-782-0858 E-Mail:  Bernard Smith was my dad and he passed away about 25 years ago. He served as a radio/signalman and was from Minnesota. the contact information is my own. I'm interested in information anyone may have about events or experiences on board that occurred during his time on the Satyr. Thank You, Kirby Smith
Stanczak, Hank SN, 8325 Whippoorill, Ft. Worth, TX. 76123, This was my father, he passed away in 1997, I would appreciate hearing from anyone that knew him. E-Mail: 
Tharp, Charles, CSCM, Galley, (46-47), 76 S. Heron Creek Loop, Inverness, FL. 34450, Home PH: 352-344-0949, E-Mail:  [03/21/15] More info to come when received
Tucker,Marshall EM3, World War II: Marshall Tucker was a part of the original Satyr Crew, he passed away several years ago. After his death his brother James found many of his old photos, did a little research on the Satyr and contacted me, to see if I would like the photos to share with everyone, MANY THANKS to Mr. James Tucker EMCS Retired 3443 Maiden Road, Clay NY 13041   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Young, Richard.... ??????NEED MORE INFO??????

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Alcantar,  Nestor F. (50-54), 2930 Rialto Ave., Space 5, Rialto, CA 92324, PH: 909 875-5146, E-Mail:   ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Arneson, Richard E. SKSN, (50-51), Supply, 306 Stirrup Ct., Guyton, GA. 31312-4732, Home PH:
912-754-9410, Retired in 1979 after 31 years as SKC  [09/04/16]
Backes, Robert HM3, (12/52-8/54), Sick Bay, 1440 E. Beringer Dr., San Jacinto, CA. 92583, Home PH: 951-658-5549, Work PH: 951-453-8905, E-Mail: I was a Hospital Corpsman on the Satyr from Dec.52 until Aug.54. I came aboard while the Satyr was in Oakland for repairs after serving with the Fleet Marine Corp. I would like to contact a HM2 "Marty" Martin from Silversprings, Md. and a HM nicknamed "Mutt" Blanton. (Only names for them that I can recall).

Bennett, Mel G. (Korea), 2566 W. 234th St. Torrance, CA. 90505, PH: 310-326-5091, E-Mail:  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
BERGSTROM, JOHN LOUIS, F/1, ENG., BOILER, EVAPS., (09/50 -06/51), Box 243, TAYLOR, TX., 76574, PH: 512-353-3813, E-mail:
reserve recall, on trip to Pusan 1950,ship served up and down coast  repairing diesel and landing craft. was first  to leave to states per I year extension on reserve hitch
Bray, Tom
SN, OPS, (53-55), 2016 N. Pinal St., Chino Valley, CA. 86323, Home PH: 928-636-0782, Work PH: 928-636-4697, E-Mail:
Carnes, W.C. P.O. Box 2 Siler City, NC. 27366, PH: 919-742-2321
Casanova, Roy V. Sr. (08/50-11/51), 619 yellow Wood Dr., San Antonio, TX. 78219, PH: 210-337-3873 ( Deceased December 1966 )
Clark, Franklin Charles PN2, (51-54), 812 Northcreek Dr., Edmond, OK. 73034, PH: 405-715-2500, E-Mail:  Assigned to Satyr right after boot camp in Jan 1951. Left in Sept. of 54.    Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Clements (Clem) P. J., ME3, Repair Div., (09/50-02/52), 1643 North Walnut Drive, McPherson, KS, 67460, PH: 620-241-0107, E-Mail:
Cooper, Robert W. FP3, Repair Dept., (52-53), 5901 Timber Ridge Trail, Madison, WI. 53711, E-Mail:  Don't remember name of division. Worked in main deck repair shop.
Crawford, Dr. Norman L. MM3, Eng. Dept., (09/52-08/54), 11576 Heathcliff Dr, Santa Ana, CA. 92705, Home PH: 714-544-0909, Work PH: 714-835-9455  E-Mail:
Darcy, Cyrus 1314 Montclair Cir., Tuscaloosa, AL. 35404.  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Eastin, John EM1, E Div., (08/55 to Decommission), 1100 LaSalle, Lompoc, CA, 93436,  E-Mail:
Eaton, Russell Dwight SK1, Supply Dept., (52-56), 816 Kingswood Ave., Richardson, TX. 75080, Deceased 5-12-2005 (72) Wife Billie Jean Wise Eaton is still at this address.
Evans, Murray L., (07-50 12-57), 4116 Tully Ave., Las Vegas, NV. 89110, PH: 702-453-9730
Evans, Murray,
EM2, E Div., (1953), 13104 Rosemont St., Ocean Springs, MS. 39564, PH: 702-812-8877 E-Mail:  I was aboard for a short time in 1953 from US to Japan  [05/10/11]
Fechter, Larry, SN, Deck Div., (50-51), Box 282, Augusta, MT. 59410, PH: 406-548-2123, E-Mail:  I served on the USS Satyr in Korea in 1950 -1951 at Pusan. We took her out of mothballs at DES BASE at San Diego and then went to Korea and then was sent back to San Diego to attend Hospital Corps School. From there I went to Naval Hospital at USMC base at Camp Pendleton and from there back to Korea with the 1st MAR DIV. I saw the ad posted in a Legion Magazine about the USS Satyr so I decided to inquire about the anniversary. I had heard nothing about the ship since 1951 so I thought I might inquire. [02/06/16]

Gray, Paul E. (55-57), PO Box 65 Colfax, NC. 27235. 
Hainaut, Richard MM3, Eng. Dept., (52-54), Box 90 RD-1, Indiana, PA. 15701, PH: 412-465-7667
Hardin, James (06/51-09/54), PO Box 342 Savanna,Tn.38372,  PH: 901-465-7667. Was aboard the Satyr from mid 1951 to Sept. 1954.
Hoffman, Francis EM3, Repair Div., (12/52-08/53), R468 King Avenue, City Island, NY. 10464-1227,  PH: 718-885-1616, E-mail:  [03/24/17]
James, Arlie SK3, Supply Div., (50-52), 477 Heiner-James Rd., Fredericksburg, TX. 78624, PH: 830- 997-8700 E-Mail:    Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes)Click for Pictures
Jones, Jack W. MR3, Repair-Div., (11/50-06/52), 33949 Clara Drive, Leesburg, FL. 34788, PH: 352-742-8173, E-Mail:  JJ101128@AOL.COM
King, Charlie DC1 (1950's), (Carpenter Shop), 3900 West 91st. Street, Tulsa, OK. 74130, Home PH: 918-227-5058,. Helped bring the Satyr out of Moth Balls at DES BASE at San Diego and then we sailed to Korea Conflict where I was assigned to the Satyr Carpenter Shop. Was also in the Seabees on Guadalcanal WWII with 61st Seebee Battalion supporting the Marines. Give me a call if you remember me from the old days. [02/15/16]
Kishbaugh, Bill: EN3, Eng Dept., (09/50-04/53), 4793 S. Longhorn Ln., Dripping Springs, Winkleman, AZ. 85292, PH: 520-356-7202, E-Mail:  I came aboard while the ship was being taken out of mothballs. I served in Korea with a great bunch of guys !!Is there anyone out there that remembers me?? Norman James an EM still keeps in touch ..
Kleinsmith, Jay A.  (04/51-11/54), 8005 Nancy Ln., Ellenton, FL. 34222, PH: 813-729-4259, (Deceased 1997)
Kreidel, Alfred Chief Machinist, Assistant Repair Officer, Div. Repair Shop, 3 Mackay Lane Newark, DE. 19713 PH: 302-731-0467, E-Mail:  (Deceased 2005), My Grandfather never talked about the "WAR" or his time on the Satyr, only that he loved the Navy, his ship and her crew. If anyone has any info about him, Thanks in advance.
Kroeker, Robert Lee EN2, Eng. Dept., (10/52-03/56), (Ships Company), 29027 David Lane, Junction City,OR.97448. PH: 863-687-4029, E-Mail:
Minkle, Ken (50-53) 16 Chatham Rd., Clemsford, MA., 01824.
Molitor, Lavern "Monk", CS, (50-51) I was a cook on the Satyr, Wisconsin, PH: 720-587-997 (More info and possible photos soon).
Mowery, Dwight
(50-52), 1503 Blue Meadow Rd., Potomac, MD. 20854, PH: 301-340-2682
Ostroskey, Edward
HC3, (Hospital Corpsman, Sick Bay),  85 Beaumont Dr. Apt.24, Northbridge, MA. 01534 Home  PH: 508-234-8918, Work PH: 774-280-2014, E-Mail: (Deceased 9/12/2013)
Salmon, Val T., (08/50-01/52), 8100 Falmouth, Austin, TX., 78757, PH: 512-459-5833
Sellke, William A. EM3, (4/52-11/52), 4th Div. Westerville, OH. 43082, PH: ????, E-Mail:   I was transferred aboard the Satyr in April 1952 and left with a Hardship discharge (Father Died) Nov. 1952). I went aboard as an EM3, (Electricians Mate 3rd,class.) Two weeks after I arrived, the ranking Elect. Mate, also an EM3 was Court marshaled and reduced in rank and transferred, leaving me the ranking enlisted rating in the electric shop. There were 3 other personal all of  whom had been aboard during her 11 month deployment in Korea and Japan just prior to my arrival. There was 1 Fireman Recruit (Last name of James) And 2 Fireman who’s names I don’t recall anymore.
Putcell, Jack QMC Ret. (51-52), P.O. Box 746, Los Molinos, CA. 96055, PH: 916-384-1730
Riddick, W. D. FN, (52-54), 1745 Eldora, Lemon Grove, CA. 92045
Schwender, Byron
MM3, (52-54), 1617 Crestridge Dr., Loveland, CO. PH: 303-772-6588
Taylor, Harry E. ET1, (03/54-08/54), Bethlehem, PA, E-Mail:
Todd, John Lewis SN, Deck Div., (07/18/52-08/15/55), 1355 Salem Road, Mineral Bluff, GA 30559 (Deceased, 12/3/10). Any former shipmate that would like to share any stories or info with his family can do so by contacting his Daughter, Jeffie at E-Mail:  Photos  Posted. Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures 

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Aguilera, Leo A.
FTG2, Gunnery, (07/69-07/70), 20644 Oleander Ave. Perris, CA. 92570, Home PH: 951-943-6042 Work PH: 951-943-6042 E-Mail:   Hot weather, for my trip to Vietnam and travel to ship from Annapolis by plane to army base with Quonset huts, also showed us the bombed one, the one we were going to sleep at, then showed us where we should go if we hear bombing, Dong Tam? Then picked up by the Satyr, went to Japan with the ship, Scary trip back. Stayed one year, requested to stay but orders sent me to an ammo ship.
Akin, James E.
EN2, Repair Div., Engine Shop, (03/71-07/71), 508 Meadowlark Lane, Durant, OK. 74701-4817,  PH: 580-920-2365 Cell PH: 405-2495103  E-Mail:  I stood watch in the generator room right next to the Evaporator Room, A guy named Harold Wette was over there, WISH I COULD FIND HIM.. There was also a big guy with a beard from the Seattle, WA. area [2/23/18]
Allen, Arthur E. EN3, Eng. Dept., (70-71), 7723 Russell Road,  Concrete, WA. 98237, PH: 360-826-6320, I stood watch in the generator room right next to the Evaporator Room, A guy named Harold Wette was over there, WISH I COULD FIND HIM.. There was also a big guy with a beard from the Seattle, WA. area.
Altom, Curtis G. SKC, (Supply Chief), (USN Ret.), (67-69), 2755 Edgemont Rd., Quitman, AR, 72131, PH: 501- 589-4012  E-mail: [6/15/11]  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Aplin, Jim RD3, (01/70-01/71), 99 E Ahtanum Rd., Union Gap, Washington 98903, PH: 509-248-7793  E-Mail:
Arden, Daniel D. ETR2,  (LCDR Retired), Repair Div., ET Repair Shop, (07/68-11/70), 276 Terrie Dr. Potomac Falls,   VA. ,  PH: 703.430.9095, E-Mail: 40+ years ago, but I remember I worked with some good people then.  
Armstrong, Walter( Jack ) M. Jr, FA., Eng. Dept., (01/68-06/69), 208 Browning Road,  Norwich, Ct.  06360, PH:  860-889-4401  Deceased, 1-18-2007

Ashling, Fredrick (Rick)  E-3, Repair Div., (02/70-02/71), 311 Willamor Road, Albert Lea, MN. 56007, Home PH: 507-377-9346, Work PH: 507-373-9159, E-Mail: Worked on the repair Pontoon most of the time.  [04/7/13]
Avriett, Jay (Jake) HM2Sick Bay, (1971), 1714 Kingdom Way, Newport, TN., 20165, PH: 423-465-4506, E-Mail: 
Baldwin, Dan, EN2  (A-Gang) (70/71)  27446 Catala Ave., Santa Clarita, CA., 91350  E-Mail: PH:661-803-4980  [7/2/18]
Banis, Ronald E. SH2, (SHCS Retired), Supply Dept., (08/67-02/69), 532 Quail Run Drive, Warner Robbins, GA. 31088-3037, PH: 478-971-7871, E-Mail:  Assigned to PRECOM Unit San Diego 07/67.  Went to NO Jan. 68 for Comm. Ceremony.  Was in second group to leave Nam 02/69.  Selected for SH1. Stationed USS Haynsworth  DD700, USS Ault DD698,02/69-01/71. Comm. Store Great Lakes 01/71-07/73, Commissioned USS Nimitz CVAN 68 07/73-07-76 SHC, USS Lexington CVT16, SHCS 08-76 07/78, Branch NAVY Exchange ASO, Phil 08/78-06/79. NRD Dallas TX 07/79-08-82 & USS Frank Cable AS40 09/82-10/83 [2/14/11]
Barnes, Ronnie RM3, OPS., (1970), 105 Elizabeth St., Abbeville, SC 29620, PH:864-459-9506, E-Mail:
Beach, Ronald R. (Sr.) RM2, OPS., (70-71), 485 State Route 107, Montesano, WA. 98563-9509,  PH: 334-438-3674, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures    [09/22/16]
Beane, Herbert Paul ETR3, (03/71-09/71), 612 Whitney Drive, Paducah, KY 42001, PH: 270-575-0479  E-Mail:  Deceased, Aug. 7th, 2017
Beck, Terry EM2, E-Div., (70-72), E-Mail:
Beitzel, Greg
RD3, OPS., (02/71-10/71), 413 Dupont Avenue, Staunton, VA. 24401, E-Mail:
Belz, Roland J. EN, Repair (Injector Shop), (11/67-03/69), 201 E. Elizbeth St., Fenton, MI. 48430, Home PH: 810-874-2148  Work PH: 810-750-5556, E-Mail:   Was on the Satyr during rebuild in Louisiana. Then took it to Vietnam, where I served until March of 69. I made the ENCO tiger sign on the repair shack on the barge   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures   [11/18/18]
Benak, Donald FN, Boiler Flats, (01/70-01/71),
110 Black Pearl Drive,  P.O. Box 144, Caulfield, MO.  65626, Home PH: 661-706-9738, E-Mail:  I remember me & a coxswain taking a LCM to deliver C Rats to some army guys at an island on the river in Cambodia. I remember Tan Chau & a Polaroid camera being taken from a friend at the end of a 45 while taking a photo of a VN woman. I remember the boiler flats when water got in the diesel & blew soot out the stack on the bridge. I REMEMBER KITCHEN, MASSEY, STURGILL, O'NEAL and  TORQUE, proud to of served with the satyr  crew. [09/08/16]
Benkert, Benkert, Joseph J. SN, Deck Div., (04/71-09/30/71), 4166 Bell road, Newburgh IN. 47630, PH: 812-490-6483,  E-Mail:  Served from April 71 till turnover to Vietnamese. Woke up on last day to " Aquarius" Was in charge of the paint locker. Carried the CO back from "Softball Game".
Bennett Johnny F. MM2, Eng., (02/68-02/69), 126 E. Edgefield Drive, Summerville, SC 29483, PH: 843-771-9081,  E-Mail:  [8/24/11] Email:    
Berglund, Richard L., EN2, June 1971 till Turn over over to VN Navy. Outside  Repair, then Injector Shop, 1450 Petersburg, Ave., Emmett, Idaho 83617, PH: 208-4405353, E-Mail: , Retired from the US Navy EN1 [01/15/18]
Besmer, Lawrence (Butch) P. SKSN, Supply, (06/70-06/71), 9848 Guthrie St., St. Louis, Mo. 63134, PH: 314-428-1831 E-Mail: or
Best, Harold EN3, Eng. Dept., (Fall 69-11/70), 6750-48 Ave. North St. Petersburg, FL 33709, PH: 727-434-0947  E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures  [07/28/16]
Boone, Roland M. SN, (07/67-02/69), P.O. Box 1243, Asbury Park, NJ 07712, PH: 732-502-0353  E-mail:  Deceased: July, 5th 2013
Bourget, Richard 3371 Tidewater Ct., Olney, MD. 20832, PH: 301-774-1256 E-Mail:                       
Breister, Michael D. SK2, Supply, (02/70-11/70), 12 Patrician Circle, Rochester, NY 14623-4402,  E-Mail:               
Brown, Richard  SN, LCVP Crew, (69-70), 3079  Payne St., Willis Point, TX. 75169, PH: 903-560-1158,  E-Mail:
Brown, Ron L., EN3, Repair Div., (07/71-to-Turnover), 19221 County Rd #KK, Wray Co. 80758, PH: 970-332-5165, E-Mail: [12/17/12]
Bruner, Raymond EN3, (08/70-6/71), Tank Deck then Repair Barge, E-Mail: ,Retired from the US Navy.     Need more Info  [01/22/18]

Bruton, Charles (Chuck) SN, Deck Div., (67-69), Springfield, MO., Original crew out of boot camp and New Orleans, E-Mail:  ***Need More Info, e-Mail is No good and have Phone# or Address***  [09/04/16]
Bullard, William Larry, ENCS, (Precom 67-??) 307 Oklahoma Place, Ladson, SC. 29456, PH: 843-797-7576, E-Mail: precom. in N.O.LA. LPO of engine repair ,first OOD after comm. underway engineering watch officer, have lots of photos, remember the parties in N.O. cookouts in NAM. went back for tour as advisor RID-47 RID-48 retired in 79 fleet diesel inspector, taught AC&R and diesel  for Unified Industries to the Navy  for 13.5 years, retire from Wal-Mart management in 2005.
Burleigh, Gerald EM3, E. Div., (05/69-05/70), 7167 Tulane Rd., Orange, TX. 77630, PH: 409-745-1180,  E-Mail:  Rivron 132/T-27
Burns, Bill RM3, OPS Div., (02/69-02/70), 54161 Westwood Dr., Elkhart IN. 46514, PH:574-264-0953, E-Mail:
Burton, Ray EN3, Eng., (70-71) 618 East Maize Ave., Ulysses, KS. 67880,  E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Bushell, Dennis QMSN, OPS., (67-69), 1406 Hoover Dr, Woodland CA 95776, PH: 530-666-7071, E-Mail: Whenever we got underway I was usually on the bridge with a Flak jacket on, recording any orders the Capt. sang out into the Log Book. Was even on the Radar scope some times singing out to the Capt. if I saw anything on the scope so he could put it on the chart. We had a Chief Warrant Officer who was a PITA (pain in the a--) all the time and was always sucking up to the Captain if you want to hear about it. I was on the ship when we went through 3 Captains in less than a year. [3/27/17]
Butterfield, Michael PN3, (10/70-11/70), 622 Winnebago St., La Crosse, WI. 54601, Home PH: 608-782-1928, Work PH: 608-782-1928, E-Mail:  I came aboard just before the Satyr left for Japan, had a nice trip.
Cable, Terry EN3, Repair Div., (01/70-02/71), 7824 Dorchester Lane, Darien, IL., 60561, PH: 630-325-7811, E-Mail:
Caldwell, Charles (Chuck) EN2, Engineering, (10/70-10/71), 515 Monroe St. Ryderwood, WA. 98581, PH: 360-295-0902, E-Mail: The Satyr was my second tour in Vietnam, and my first was on board the USS Caddo Parish LST 515 from (68-69). They were both good tours
Campbell,  Dave BM3, Deck, (69-70), 555 S. Windsor  Mesa, AZ. 85204, PH: 480-898-9266 E-Mail: [02/10/15]
Candreva, Thomas Jr. (Candy) SF2, R-1 Div., (05/70-05/71), 240 Allen St., Lawrence, NY 11559, Home PH: 516-239-6647, Work PH: 516-295-8075, TOPCAT1424@AOL.COM
Chamberlain, Larry DC3, (68-69), 439 LaSalle St., Berwick, PA. 18603, PH: 570-752-4046
Chambers, Johnny Levi (Georgia Boy), CSSN, Commissary Div., 1333 Laura Lane, Fitzgerald, GA. 31750, Cell PH: 229-406-1466
Chapman, Thomas. (05/70-02/72), 13575 Brady Redford, MI. 48239, PH: 313-386-1702
Chapman Ronald J. (05/68-05/69), 3709 Timberline Drive Canandaigua, NY. 14424, PH: 716-396-7248,  E-Mail: 
Carter, Justin 41 Pendleton Rd., Fredicksburg, VA. 22405, PH: 504-373-0234,  [02/11/15]
Case, Norman EOD Team, (68-69), 18 Davis Drive, Indian Head, MD 20640, PH: 301-743-7640
Cole, William A. SN. Deck Div., (02/70-09/70), 3663 Grand Lake Drive, Freemont, Ca. 94555, PH: 510-489-1683,   E-Mail:
Coles, Greg BM3, (03/68-03/69), Deck Dept., 930 Loretta Dr., City: Titusville, Fl., 32780, Home PH: 321-268-4678, E-Mail: Retired Now [01/30/16]
Collins, Mike (Queenie), 1971  ??????NEED MORE INFO?????
Comer, Patrick. EN1, Eng., Main Engine Rm., (70), 5734 County rd 823, West Columbia, TX. 77486, PH: 979-345-3211,  [10/22/11]
Compton, Wes BM1, (CWO4, USN Ret.), Deck Dept., (04/69-04/70), 298 S. Leandro St., Anaheim, Ca. 92807-3962, Home PH: 714-974-3013, Work PH: 714-785-4557, Served onboard the Satyr as a BM1 E-Mail:  &   A great tour. We picked up and repaired most every class of small craft on the Delta. Heavy boats included Tangos, Monitors, Alfas, PBRs, Mikes, MSRs, PCFs, Stabs and Spec Op boats; ie; the Irma LaDouche. The Boat Captain was BM1 now retired BMCM Longacre. No job was too large or too small. Our mascot dog on board was appropriately named "Pisser". The Commanding Officer, LCDR Fellis, was more than qualified for the CO position. The Ward Room, Chiefs Mess, First Class Lounge and every crew member were true Shipmates. We all worked hard, long, hours with minimal gripes. We had a job to do and the jobs were accomplished with pride. [12/02/16]
Conaster, Jack. EM1 (Ret.), E-Div., (07/67-02/69), P.O. Box 11, Calhoun, TN. 37309-0011, E-Mail:
Conner, Larry EN3, DC Gen. Room, (05/70-05/71), 1208 Spring Garden Ave., Berwick, PA. 18603, PH: 570-759-1757  E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Cook, Frederick Dean EN3, "R" & "E" Division's, (12/68-01/70), 1319 Shamrock Drive .Sebring, FL. 33875-5384, E-Mail:  Worked in R Div in Engine/Transmission Shop wrote up repair orders for boats and ordered parts. Last month or so was in A Div. DC Gen room getting ready for "BLUE" water Navy.  [12/20/15]
Coppinger, Wiley EM3, Engineering, Plank Owner (07/67-02/69), 1919 Granada Court, Clearwater, FL., 33764, PH: 727-536-2089, E-Mail: [09/27/12]
Cornelius, Fred  EN2, Inj. Repair Shop, (Precom- 4/69), 1237 Ian Ct., Sparks, NV. 89434, PH: 702-825-7012, E-Mail:
Cournoyer, Bernard E-3, (69-70), P. O. Box 154, Bedford, MA. 01453, Home PH: 978-534-7130,Work PH: 781-687-3017, E-Mail:      [[09/22/16]09/22/16
Craig, Edward PC3, Deck Div., (02/68-01/70), 800 Carianne Cove, Collierville, TN., 38017-3520, Home: 901-854-5839, Work: 901-387-8167, E-Mail: In deck division and worked on barges in Vietnam until promoted to PC3 in 02/69. Battle Station was forward 40mm turret. Served as postal clerk until departure 01/70. Just found site and like to meet any of my fellow crewmembers.
Crawford, Sam PN3, (01/69-11/70), 727 Victoria Drive, Middletown, DE. 19709-9302, Home PH: 302-378-0414 Work PH: 215-864-4861, E-Mail: SAMISPOOR@AOL.COM   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Creasy, Donald Larry SN, Deck Div., (09/67-06/69), 1708 Winslow St., Elizabeth City, NC. 27909, Home PH: 252-338-9075 Work PH: 252-334-5441
Crisswell, James PN2, Plank Owner, (10/67-12/69), Operations Div., 2 Northridge Circle, Huntington, NY, 11743   PH: 1-516-286-9583, E-Mail:  [04/28/20]  
Cumming John G. E-2, Deck Div., (06/67-12/69), 4322 W. Cedar Bayou, Lynchburg Road, Baytown, TX. 77521, Home PH: 281-839-7066.Work PH: 281-515-8885, When aboard the Satyr I really enjoyed the ports we visited especially New Orleans during Mardi Gras!! Does anyone know the whereabouts of SF2 Richard Suchocki (Trenton NJ) or SF2 Bobby Harriman I would like to know if anybody in deck dept remembers the shipmate who was on the Satyr who was on the ship from precom (New Orleans) till Vietnam he was a GM Diver who got busted down to SN, when I left the ship in December 1969 they were still on the ship then  hope to hear from some of my old shipmates. My niece has a bunch of pictures of when I was on the Satyr 1967-1969 so as soon as she sends them to me when she goes back to Calif. in  August I will go through them and get them to you guys as soon as I can. Hope to hear from  you guys again, see Ya! E-Mail:  Would like to here from anyone that remembers me..
Currier, Jack SFC, R-Div. 111 Oxford Street Chula Vista, CA. 91911, Home PH: (619) 420-2250 Work PH: (619) 420-2250, E-Mail:
Daniels, R. T.  EN3, Repair Div., (07/68-02/69), PO Box 14, Nichols, WI. 54152, Home PH: 920-525-2273 Work PH: 715-584-2240, E-Mail:  Ran Dyno. Test Stand in engine shop, took lots of photos. 
Dale, Joe SF1, R-1 Div., (67-69), 314 Murrell St. Mountain View, MO. 65548 PH: 417-631-3220, E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures   [ Deceased_07/28/18]  [08/01/18]                  
Daly, Stephen D
SM2, (01/71-09/71), 4 Knox Ave., Berwyn, PA. 19312, PH: 610-644-0307, E-Mail:
Davis, Vernon A. Jr., SN, R1, Supply, Deck Force  SN, (02/69-10/70), 144 N.Railroad Ave., Sierra Vista, AZ. 85635, PH: 520-255-2024. Would like to hear from Ronald Sennett (corpsman) and a guy named "Huff" (worked in Laundry) or anyone else that might remember me, need a buddy statement for a VA claim.It seems like forever since I was there twenty months I was there, I knew everbody on board. Now I can only remember a few. Just turned 66, the pictures of the recreation second one is me serving t-shirt and cut offs. Waiting for lung transplant, not much time left. please contact me anytime. Admiral in Sasebo ask me if I was trying to run the whole ship cause I had several places for him to inspect.  E-Mail: (this is my sister's e-mail) [12/25/15]
Dellerson, Mike IC2, Engineering, (12/70-9/71), 2764 N.E. 25th St., Lighthouse Point, FL. 33064, PH: 954-946-9463. Served with Naval Advisory Group after turnover--anybody else remember?
Devine, David Allen ENFN, Eng Div., (8/70/8/71), 8195 Viking Blvd. NE. Wyoming, MN. 55092, PH: 651-462-8731, E-Mail:  I was on the Bid boat and went to Japan for overhaul. [03/21/2018]
Dickerson, Micah J. MR3, R-2 Div., (12/70-11/71), 10601 N. Marsh Ave., Kansas City, MO 64157, Home PH: 636-358-0410, Work PH: 816-446-7669, E-Mail:  [08/15/2018]
Dietrich, James SN, (1970), 240 Grace, Crystal Beach, FL. 34681, PH: 813-787-4996
Dobney, Tom IC3 (70-71), 1010 Eastlawn DR., Midland, Michigan 48642-5773, PH: 989-633-9471  [01/22/2017] 
Dorries WO1, Repair, (68-3/69)  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Dorn, Phillip L. ENFN, (01/70-01/71), 190 Alcovy Trestle Rd., Covington, GA 30014,  E-Mail:  
Douglas, Robert EN3, Engineering, (69-70), 103 Ridgeview Road, Weare, NH. 03281, PH:603-529-6050, E-Mail: [5/29/11]
Drake, Donald "Duck" Jr. EN3, (06/70-06/71), 2284 Philippine Dr. #3, Clearwater, FL. 33763  Home PH: 727-442-8595 Cell PH: 912-441-8952, (Posting this for my Husband) he served in "Uncle Sam's Canoe Club" from 1970-1974 First on the USS Satyr in Nam, then on the USS Howard W. Gilmore AS16 .. Discharged in Key West, FL, Looking to hook up with any of my old BUDDIES.... E-MAIL:  ..Most especially would like to find "Teddy Bear" Alcott.......[10/18/16]
Dredge, Ronald G. R Division, (70-71), 808 Craig St, Valentine, NE 69201, (Deceased 10-98)
Duckworth, ________ Forward repair barge officer, (70-71) ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Elicker, Stephen E. SN, 1st LT's Office, (12/69-11/70), 2974 Hanover Pike, Hanover, PA 17331, E-Mail:  Yeoman in 1st LT's Office  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Ellison, Larry
SN, Deck Div., (05/70-04/71), 25405 Wonderly Rd., Rainier, OR. 97048, PH: 503-556-0109,  E-Mail:  [04/15/2016]
Ennis, Louis F. YN3, Ships Office, (68-69), 30352 Pine Crest Drive, Evergreen, Co. 80439 Home PH: 303-526-1651, Work PH: 303-205-1380, (Precom-69)  I was on the pre-com crew and served from New Orleans through Vietnam 1969 and worked for the XO (Pilcher). I am about to retire from the Colorado Dept. of Revenue ( Finally ) and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. E-mail:
Estep, Wesley A. (Rocky) SF1 Ret., (07/70-08/71), Box 295, Lehigh, OK. 74556    Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures  (Passed awayJuly22 2014)
Estes, Jimmy SN, (Plank Owner Spring 67 to 69), 298 Horseshoe Loop, Columbus, MS 39701  E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Ethier, William A. (02/69-02/70), 108 N. Main St. Apt B , Uxbridge, MA. 01569, PH: 508-278-2126
Fellis LCDR Satyr CO, (69-70) Passed away October 5, 1977. Buried at Sea October 9, 1977
Fiola, Cliff  GMG3, (02/69-09/70), 29 Courtney St., Fall River, MA. 02720, PH: 508-673-4688, E-Mail:   [2/3/11]
Fisher, Jim Engineering Chief, (68-69), 7020 Marlin St., Reno, NV. 89506, PH: 702-972-8038  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Fisher, Ron (Snuffy) LCVP Boat Crew, (69-70), 891 Rolling Hill Rd., Boswell, PA. 15531, PH: 814-629-5185
Fitch, Dwight E. RD3, (09/17/67-05/9/69), 72 Ash Street, Townsend, MA. 01469, PH: 978-597-8328, E-Mail:  One of the original 7 Radarman after re-commissioned in 1968.   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Folts, Victor  GMG2, Weapons Repair, (08/69-08/70), E Josephine Canyon Dr,  Green Valley, AZ, 85614, E-Mail:
Francis, Jimmy Ray QMSN, Ops. Div. (Bridge), (08/69-05/71), 4118 62 Dr., Lubbock, TX 79414,  Work PH: 806-0828-6261
Frecks, Beverly EN3, Repair Div., (70-71) 28 Lake Charles Drive, St. Peters, Mo.  63376, PH: 636-447-3463, E-Mail:
Gaines, Neville "Bud" (04/69-04/70), 22038 Hill Gail Way Parker,CO.80138-8362, PH: 303-790-4119 E-Mail: or  
Galang, Julio V.
(Ret. USN), Supply Div. (Wardroom), (04/69-04/70), 18059 Robinwood Drive, Saucier, MS. 39574 Home PH: 228-831-9514, I served as the Captains cook for 2 Captains.
Galipau, Rene MR1, (68-69) San Diego, CA.,  Need Info 
Garingo, Amor G., MSC, (5/69-11/69), Supply Div., 2623 Biola Ave., San Diego, CA. 92154, Home PH: 619-9467626, Work PH: 619-9872716, E-Mail: 
Gavin, John N.  LTJG, (5/71-9/71), 2226 Chestnut Ave., Wilmette, IL. 60091, PH: 847-256-6902, E-Mail:  [01/07/2017}  
Gengler, Rick EN3, (4/71-11/71), Outside Repair Engine Shop, 6970 E. Polk St., Port Orchard, WA., 98366,
I was on the Satyr from April until October 1971 when the ship was turned over to the Vietnamese.  I was stationed in Long Beach, Ca for 3 years discharged there and moved to Iowa for 3 years.  I moved to Washington in 1978 and worked at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. I retired at age 55, my health is good with the exception of Diabetes.  PH: 360-621-9069, E-Mail:  [8/19/2017]
Giacalone, Jack 69 or 70, Need info about him
Giganti, George M. CDR. USN Ret., Satyr CO (70-71), 98-351 Koauka LP, # 1208, Aiea, Hawaii 96701, PH:  808-488-2276 Passed away May 16th 2014
Gordon, Don H. ENFN, Eng. Div (DC Gen. Rm), (03/69-03/70), 9901 Yelm Hwy. SE  Olympia, WA. 98513, PH: 360-491-5389, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures 
Grande, George
RM2, Radio, (69-70), 168 Washington St., Berlin, NH 03570, PH: 603-752-3488, E-Mail:  [1/13/2016]
LTJG, Deck Dept., (11/70-10/71), E-Mail:
Greenhaw, Larry A..RM3, (69-70), RR1, Box 104R, Pleasanton, TX. 78064, PH: 830-216-7251,  E-Mail:    Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Greenstreet, Michael B. PNC, (DV), (67-69)Williamburg, Virgina, PH: 303-698-1712, E-Mail: [03/26/18]
Griffiths, Joseph (1970) 615 Warren St. Pecksville, PA. 18452  Deceased Dec. 2003
Griffiths, Thomas S.  EN3, Engineering, (01/68-03/69), 1515 Pebblewood  Ln., Williamsport, Pa. 17701, Home PH:  570-279-2467 or 570-974-1618 [10/28/12],  E-Mail:  [10/4/12] / [10/28/12] 
Gulick, Roger ET1, (04/69-??), 8733 Sandpiper Drive, Houston, TX. 77074,  E-Mail:
Hadley, Willard (1967), RR-5 Box 171-F, Mountain Home, AR. 72653, PH: 501-425-9598
Hagglund, Algot ETN2, Electronics Repair, (12/69-12/70), 71 B Carillon Dr., Rocky Hill, CT. 06067, PH: 860-563-9581, E-MAIL:
Halmsteiner, Francis RM1, (06/69-07/70), 424 Chelsea, Fairfield, CA. 94533, PH: 707-429-4639,
Hamilton, Dave EM3, (11/70-11/71), 8200 1/2 Walnut Rd, NE, Olympia, WA. 98516, PH: 360-480-4065, Work PH: 360-923-2843,  [8/30/11]  
Hanson,  Hanson, Allen F.  IC2, (7/67-12/68), R-2 Div., P.O. Box 9, South Shore, KY., 41175-0009, PH: 606-932-6966, E-Mail: Re-commissioning crew 15 Feb 67. [09/11/13]
Hansen, Jerry YNSN, (04/70-04/71), 1426 Coffey Drive, Perry, OK. 73077, PH: 580-336-9266, E-Mail: popandgma@hotmail             
Harris, James P. (09/67-03/69), 5075 Calhoon Dr., Hilliard, OH. 43026, PH: 614-777-9182, E-Mail:
Harris, Levelle 2033 North Mitchell Drive, Midwest City, OK. 73110, PH: 405-733-3309
Head, Thomas E. RM3, (05/68-5/69), 14212 W.124th Terrace, Olathe, KS 66062
Haywood, 1st Name UNK, , GMG1, 1969...****NEED More INfO***
Hebb, Douglas PC3, (01/69-11/70),  Sapulpa, Oklahoma, previously from Clinton, MA. 01510, PH: 978-368-8676,  (Deceased 4-26-12)
Hedgespeth, Ron
(1970), 1639 W. County Rd., Nixa, MO. 65714, PH: 417-725-2588 Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Hedrich, Marion HT2, 5320 Grand Ave., Shasta Lake, CA. 96019, E-Mail:  Worked in the weld shop and was in-charge of the forward pontoon.
Helgeson, Henry EN3, R Div. & AC Gen. Watches, (70-71) , 262 Serenity LN., Newport, WA. 99156  PH: 920-917-7168, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures  [6/04/19]
Hellebuyck, John EN3/2, Repair, (04/69-04/70), Barrington, IL. 60010, E-Mail:
Herbison, Russel (19??), PH: 541-687-0613, E-Mail:
Hesler, Donald N. (SKIP) MM2 (W-4 USN Ret), Repair (DV) Dive Locker, (02/70-08/71), 886 Yorkshire Lane, Newport News,VA.23608, Home PH: 757-875-1573, Work PH: 804-693-1380, E-mail:   One of several divers on the Satyr, had some good times there and some bad ones also, DC/FN or DC3 Wilmette died/drowned while trying to salvage our dive boat. He was not a seal or Army diver as had been put out. I did not see his name on the Wall but saw others. I retired as a W-4 on 1 April 1995 and have been taking life "easy" as a Deputy Sheriff in Gloucester, VA. Drop a line or give me a call. [04/08/15]
Higdon, Wayne EM3, (6/67-5/69), 304 Bland Dr.  Indian Head, MD. 20640-1917, PH: 301-753-6096, E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
High, James MM2, (68-69), EMail:
Hilburn, Edward HT1 (SW), (
70-71), 37 Feathertop Dr. Cleveland, GA. 30528 Home:706-969-2407, E-Mail:
Hoag, Jeff (69-70), 710 Coliyer St. Longmont, CO. 80501, PH: 303-682-4062
Hobson, Ron OS1, OPS Division, (07/69-10/70), 206 S. Spring St., Springhill, Ks. 66083,  PH: 913-592-2072, E-Mail:  [DeceasedAug.1st.1015] 
Horton, David C. USN Ret. (01/69-70) 385 Furman Ln., Ladson, SC. 29456, PH: 843-569-0600, Cell: 843-442-6196, E-Mail: Retired from Navy as NC-1. [01/23/16]
Horton, Robert SHSN, (07/70-11/70) 171 West Armstrong Rd., Lodi, Calif. 95242   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Howard, John C. (Satyr's 1st Lt), (New Orleans - 10/68), 521 E. Prospect Ave., State College, PA. 16801,  E-Mail:
Hoyt, Rich EM3, Boat Repair, (12/70-10/71), PO Box 224, Lyle, WA. 98635,  PH: 509-365-5399, E-mail: I was from Shelby, Montana. This was my second ship. I was assigned to the battery locker. I changed the boat batteries. I was the one who set up the battery charging on the pontoon using the welder on the ship. I also worked the electrical repairs on the Alpha and Tango boats. I played cards a lot in the electronics shop, mostly cribbage. [4/11/13]
Hulsey, Robert E. (Bob) RM2, (67-68 Plank Owner), 3014 Lusitania Drive, Stafford, VA. 22554, PH: 703-413-7002, E-Mail:
Hurd, Melvin A RD3, (68-69), 7900 Whittaker Road N.W., Olympia, WA. 98502, PH: 360-709-0395  E-Mail:  [3/27/17]
Ige, Ralph
RM3, (12/68-12/69), Honolulu, HI  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
James, Dan: EN2, R Div. Outside Repair Shop, (04/71 to 09/71), 355 Clipper CT., Dixon, CA. 95620, PH: 707-678-8584, E-Mail: mrdan081546@sbcglobal
Jenkins, Gilbert Daniel III  FN, Damage Control, (01/69-4/70). 700 S. 27th St. Broken Arrow, OK 74014-2847 Home: 918-251-4952 E-Mail: Can you think of the name of the guy who worked in the laundry, who got his hand burnt and was sent home. White guy dark curly hair . Was always selling pop to the crew. If you can get his name for me I would appreciate it. Thanks Dan Jenkins. The Satyr was hot as the air units were always breaking down. And the crew was always under stress from the work load. But we always worked through it, and got the job dune, well done guy's.
Jensen, Gregory R.  (03/71-9/71), 111 5th Ave., East Lisbon, ND 58054, PH: 701-683-4616,  E-Mail:
Johnston, John W. ETCS, (USN Ret.), 1141 Novato Dr. Oxnard, CA. 93035
Jolivette, James SN, (1970), 1000 Renaurd Dr. Lot-11, Scott, LA. 70583, PH: 318-232-8437
Keith, Edgar L. PO2,(06/67-02/69), 10217  E 53rd  St., Raytown, MO. 64133, PH: 816-353-2652, E:Mail:
Kelley, Leslie EN3, Repair Div., (02/69-02/70), 2917 S.E. Hill St., Albany, OR97322, PH: 541-908-4850 E-Mail:    Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures  
Kerstetter, Charles H. YN2, Deck Div., (08/67-2/69), 205 Oak Drive, Selingsgrove PA. 17870, PH: 570-743-7683, E-Mail:  I was an original plank owner fresh out of boot camp 1967 until Feb. 1969 after serving a tour in Vietnam where I was in the Deck Force. I am looking forward to seeing some of my old shipmates.   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for pictures.
Kidwell, David
EN3, (02/69-2/70), R-Division, PO Box 223, Wailuku, Hi 96793, PH: 808-276-2109, E-Mail:   ran into, this site, would like to find some of my old shipmates..[3/10/14] 

Kirk, Ken EM3, R3 Division, (01/70-01/71), 19070 Munsee Rd., Apple Valley, CA. 92307, PH: 760-242-3036 Work PH: 760-577-7029, E-Mail: MOTANG1968@GMAIL.COM
Kitchen, Arthur
EN3, A. C. Gen., (05/70-03/71), 2216 Cherry St., Manasquan, NJ. 08736, PH: 732-528-1971  E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures   Deceased Mar. 15th 2019
Klecker, Dan
SN, 1st Div., (2/70-2/71), 4525 Wood Duck Dr., St. Paul, MN., 55127, E-Mail: [8/1/13]

 Klein, Marvin F. (6970) E-Mail: more to come [4/19/18]             
Kleine, Richard (68-70), (Deceased 4-99) 54497 Pine Rd. South Bend, IN. 46628
Knapp, Roger K., RDSN, (03/68- 03/69), 6045 S. Bayview Road, Clinton, Wa. 98236, PH: 360-321-6504, E-Mail: Deceased  11/19/2014, [03/20/17]

Komara,Stephen SFP2,R-Div., (02/69-01/70), 1382 W. Skyview Landing Dr., Hernando, FL 34442, LL PH: 352-513-4291, E-mail: While stationed on the Great Green Satyr, I worked primarily on the many different small craft that needed our assistance. After leaving the Satyr I was discharge in San Diego, where I spent many years in the Naval Reserves with a number of different commands on both the East and West Coasts. I retired from the Navy in 2002 as a Commander while on duty in Bahrain over in the Middle East. While in the reserves, I managed to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees and worked for the Dept. of Veteran Affairs where I recently retired, January 2008. Citrus Hills, FL. [12/05/18]   
Kronnagel, Julius LCDR, USN (Ret.), Commanding Officer (68-69), 12142 S. Keyport Rd. N.E., Poulsbo, WA. 98370, PH: 360-779-5195, (Deceased Summer of 99)  
Kunhart, Mike
SF3, (68-69), R-1 Div., 1909 South 52nd Street, Lincoln, NE. 68506, PH: 402-890-2760. Worked on Forward Pontoon, Retired as a DC Senior Chief with 25 years of service.  [05/17/17]
Lackey, Ed LTJG, Operations, (05/70-5/71), 18 Morehouse Road, Poughkeepsie, NY. 12603, Home PH: 845-471-5410, Cell PH: 845-470-3552, E-Mail:  [04/29/16]
Lamy, Jack RM3, (01/70-01/71), 125 Whitman Rd., Rochester, NY. 14616, E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Lane, Richard EN2, Tank deck/Outside Repair (04/69-04/70), PO Box 44, Bonfield, Il. 60913, PH: 815-939-3926 E-Mail:
Langenburg, Jim. MR3 P.O. Box 162 Wolverine, MI. 49799 (69-70) E-Mail:
Lapata, Mike FN 32503 Morgan Dr. Black Diamond, WA. 98010. 360-886-1801 (1970)
Lawson, David Lee ETN3, Plank Owner, Electronics Div., (07/67-09/69), 23835-284th Ave, Leclaire, IA. 52753, PH: 563-271-7060, E-Mail: worked in the electronics shop with Lynn Graves, Chief Albin, and Hank Osuna. Joined the satyr out of boot camp in New Orleans. Lived in Gretna with Tommy Hildebrand, Jimmy Estes, Roosevelt Dawkins. Passed point Loma to Viet-Nam the night Robert Kennedy was killed while running for president. 34 days later we arrived at Vung-Tau our home port. First officer I worked for was Lt John C Howard. Made a lot of friends and lost a lot of friends. Best wishes to all. [2/19/11]
Laslo, Harry RM3, (01/69-01/70), possibly from Florida  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????  [09/4/16}
Lembke, Russell D. SKSN, Supply Div., (5/68-4/69), 27470 Mason Dr., Leonard, MN. 56652, PH: 218-776-3759,   E-Mail: [1/12/13] Long, James E. CS3, Mess Decks, 1968-69, 203 Roberts Rd. #110. Pittston, PA.18640-3111 Deceased April 29, 2013
Luecke, Charles EN3, (70-71), 221 Harrison Blvd. Evansville, IN. 47714, PH: 812-471-8647, Cell: 812-550-5595  E-Mail:  [03/09/18]
Luke, Stephen R.  SF1, R-1 Div., (08/67-05/69), 903 Windsor Ct., Las Cruces, NM. 88005, PH: 575-647-2665, E-Mail:  [01/23/17]
Mackey, Joe Independence, MO (70-71)  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????  [09/04/16]
MacNaughton, Duncan 5457 Main St. Box 98. Chemung, NY. 14825, E-Mail: ??????NEED MORE INFO??????    
MacCallum, E. D.,
BM2, 1967-69??, (Was on Commisioning Crew), Lived in Cave Junction, OR, when he passed away 1998,  Retired from U.S. Navy as BM1  in 1970 , Survived by son Daniel MacCallum, PH: 386-882-6077, E-Mail:
Maher,  Frank, SN1, (1-69/9-70), 1st Div., E-mail:

Manchaca, Jesse G. ENFN, Bid Boat, (69-70) 11401 Old Lockhart Rd., Creedmoor,TX.78610-2030, PH: 512-243-5227, E-Mail: ( More info soon )
Manning GMG1, (69-70)  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Marble, Lee (04/69-04/70), 2510 De Haro Ln., Friday Harbor, WA. 98250, PH: 360-378-2613,  E-Mail:
Martin, Leonard  HTC, R-1 Div., (69-70) E-Mail: (Deceased 04/09/12),  I am Roberta, Leonard's
Mass, Earl (Vietnam), 1613 Matthews Ave., Sikestown, MO. 63801, PH: 314-471-4995  (Deceased)
Massey, Steven C.
SF3, R-1 Division, (6/70-6/71), 11201 Riverton Rd., Mardela Springs, MD. 21837, PH: 410-883-3361, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes)  Click for Pictures   
May, Lawrence, MM3,
Boiler Flats, (6/69-6/70), 2345 SE Hasting Lane, Port Orchard, WA., 98367,
Home PH:
360 874-1891, Work PH: 360 286-9559, E-Mail:  [8/11/13]
McAdams, Gary D.
SN, 1st Div., (06/70-05/71), 3206 NE US Grant Pl., Portland, OR. 97212-5143, PH: 503-577-6639,  Cell PH:,  (503) 282-1935, Home PH: 503-577-6630, Work PH: 503-656-2924 186, E-Mail AGENT ORANGE, FULL BLOWN, PTSD, WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE !! [03/09/18]
McAvoy, Steven Scott 
(70-71), 4671 S.W. 70 Terrace, Davie, FL. 33314,  E-Mail:  M Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures 
McDonald, Edward J. (Mac)
SN, Deck Div. (04/71-05/71), 407 Wells Ave., Athens, PA. 18810, Home PH: 570-888-5215, Work PH: 607-425-2422, E-Mail: Went to Nha  Bhe then to San Diego on a YTB, great duty.
McHenry, Terry L. 
(11-67-11-69), Glenville, WV,  (Deceased, April 2001)
McMillan, Joe
MM3, (08/67-05/69), P.O. Box 2103, Trinity, TX 75862, Home PH: 409/594-9474 Work PH: 281-687-0700 E-Mail: Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
McSweeny Jack
EM3, (02/69-02/70), 124 Summer St., Stoughton, MA. 02072, Home PH: 781-344-1485, Work PH:  508-923-0544 
Michaels, Keith,
(09/67-06/69), 22 Michaels Dr. Conway, AR. 72032, PH: 501-336-9266, E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures 
Miller, Allen,
(06/67-03/69), MR2, Repair, 1032 Ivy Lane, Cary, NC. 27511, PH: 919-4676619, E-Mail:  New Entry   [12/10/16
Miller, Clifford
(69-70), 6300 Wertzville, Rd. Enola, PA. 17025, PH: 717-732-1278 (Deceased 2005)
Moore, William Calvin S
F1, R. Division, (70-71), 6576 Good Hope Circle, Naylor, GA. 31641, Home PH: 229-244-1543 Work PH: 229-560-0697, LPO on repair barge,
Moreno, Robert RD2, Mess Decks, (1969), 14854 Cartwright Trail., San Antonio, TX. 78253, E-Mail:  I was a Swiftboat Sailor, who was send to the USS Satyr for six months before going to the states. I don't remember anything except I was in-charge of the Mess Cooks for the whole six months. This happen in the last six months of 69.
NEW ENTRY  [3/03/12]
Morin, Douglas A.
RM1, Ops Dept. LPO, (05/69-02/70), (USN Ret. as NC1), 505 Whitestown Rd., Butler, PA., 16001-2872,  Home PH:724-482-4487, Cell PH:412-614-1485  NEW ENTRY  [2/27/13]
Morin, Thomas RM1, (03/68-06/69), Helena, MT.  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Morrison, Paul V.   
EM2, Eng. Dept., (03/69-03/70), 41206 Cog Hill Drive, Temecula, CA.. 92591, Home/Work PH: 951-506-5335,  E-Mail:  [03/09/18]
Mutch, Richard A.
SF/P, Ships Company, 1970, 10107 Strathmore Drive, Santee, CA. 92071-1037, PH: 425-359-7638, E-Mail:  I went on a nostalgic-trip and came across your web-site. As I was poking around I went to your "patches & logos" page and saw, on page 2, first row, the "Snipes Rule" patch that I designed, drew-up and had made. What a surprise. That is what prompted me to submit my info to your roster. I'm terrible with names, therefore I can't help with any other info about crew. But I can say that we busted our balls keeping those river boats running, considering the conditions we had to work under. War IS Hell. And we were in Hell. Good site, lots of nostalgia. Carry on sailor's. NEW ENTRY   [3/30/13
Nease, Steven FN, (1970), PO Box 901 Wapato, WA. 98951, PH: 509-877-6458,  E-Mail:
Nilsen, Anders M. JO3, Deck Dept., (08/1967-05/1968), Sarasota, FL. 34243, E-Mail: Served on precom. detail and sea trials/training from New Orleans to San Diego, served as deck yeoman/journalist promoted to JO3 and transferred to MCB-11. NEW ENTRY  [1/28/12]
Ogden, Clayton
SN, (1970), P.O. Box 3101, Buena Vista, CO. 81211, PH: 719-395-3439
O'Neal, Mike
EN3, (01/70-01/71), 29851 Hwy 430, Coila, MS. 38923, PH: 662-453-2451 E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures   [08/26/13] 
Osborne, Ozzy
(70-71),  Was from Dallas  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Osuna, Hank
ET3 OPS. Dept. (67-69), 490 La Vista Rd., Walnut Creek,CA. 94598, PH: 925-876-1151, Yea, Original crewmember out of New Orleans. Had a BLAST!! Mardi Gras! and all except when they painted our ship Army Green I knew the party was over!! @ GQ I was Starboard lookout so I had a front row seat to watch the jungle go by. My next ship was the USS Decatur DDG-31
Pacada, Max Jr.
RM3, OPS. Dept., (02/69-03/70), PO Box 894261, Mililani, HI. 96789, E-Mail:
Pace, Hobart Jr.
RD3, (1969), 515 Crescent St., Saluda, NC. 28773, PH: 828-749-9621
Palumbo, Joe
EN2,  Repair Dept., Engine Overhaul, (05/70-10/70), 17611 113th Pl SE, Renton, WA.98055, E-Mail:  Was only onboard for 5 months. I ran the night crew overhauling the diesel engines. I remember the movies and beer on the barge and the co2 to keep the beer cold!! Also the only fresh meat came from the "beetles" in the bread.
Paremski, James  DC3, Eng-Repair Dept, Carpenter Shop, (6/70-6/71), 1636 Prospect St., La Crosse, WI. 54603, PH: 608-781-2529, E-Mail: [08/25/13]
Parker, Ed
EM3, (LCDR Ret.), (05/71-09/71), 2020 Slack Pike, Maysville, KY. 41056, PH: 606-759-7128, E-Mail:  [02/23/18]
Parson, John
HT3, Repair Dept, Fwd Barge, (04/71 to Decom.), Festus, MO.  E-Mail:
Peele, Earl Ray
RM3, OPS Dept, 1056 Country Side Lane, Yadkinvile, NC. 27055, Home PH: 336-677-4465 Work PH: 336-429-1523, E-Mail: [02/23/18]
Perez, Basilio G.
EN3, (67-69), P.O. Box 234, Choteau, MT. 59422, PH: 406/466-2497, E-Mail:
Pettit, Ric hard E.
GMG3, (09/69-04/71), 5241 Helena St., Denver ,Co. 80239,  Home PH: 303-993-5198, Cell PH:  303-319-0893, E-Mail: [1/28/12]  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures Deceased Jan., 25th, 2014                                          
Phillips, Paul R.
BM3, 1st Div., (04/70-0 4/71) 217 Old Hickory Dr., Conway, SC 29526 PH: 843-855-0583 E-Mail:   [8/15/11] US GOV RETIRED DOD    
Photinos, John J.
EN2, Repair, (01/68-01/71), 1007 Chelsea Greens Court, Sun City Center, FL. 33573 PH: 262-844-2728, E-mail:  [02/04/15]
Pickett, George
 George was on the satyr at the time of the turnover to the Vietnamese 9-71, 1021 Airway Ave. Lewiston, ID. 83501,  Deceased November 2002
Pilcher (Lt.) XO
during the precom days at New Orleans thru the first few months in Viet Nam. ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Pistone, Mike
EN3, (70-71), Bluffton SC.  PH:  E-mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures  Deceased Oct. 30th 2016   [09/01/2017]
Plymel, Troy L.
PC2, (02/68-06/69), Deck Div., 4747 Cool Springs Rd., Norman Park, Ga.31771, PH: 229-769-5121, E-Mail:  Was one of orignal crew from New Orleans to Viet Nam [02/14/13]
Powell, "Butterfly"
 (1970 ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Prather, Charley
RD2, Ops. Dept., (04/69-06/71), 29 Kelly Ct., Hamilton, OH., 45013, E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures  [02/23/18]
Prevatte, Malcolm,
EN2, (01/71-03/71), 410 North Main St., Mt. Holly, NC. 28120, PH: 704-827-0674  E-Mail:
Price, Dick
HT2/DV2, (05/71-11/71), 105 East Canal St., Chippewa Falls, WI. 54729, PH: 715-723-5471, E-mail: [07/24/14]
Lt., Repair officer, Early Vietnam  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Rapp, Dave EN3, Eng. Dept., (70-71), 1735 Old West Creek Road, Emporium, PA. 15834, PH: 814-486-3813, E-Mail: What can I say-was it fun-you guess????
Reagan, William J.
FN, (Precom.), 5005 Lower Macungie Rd., Macungie, PA. 18062, PH: 610-395-6252 E-Mail:  I was part of a group in San Diego for shipboard training, then went to New Orleans. I shared an apartment with Roland Belz and was a part of the river trials. I fell down the shaft alley while on watch, which ended my Satyr duty. I was later transferred to the USS Zelima.
Reutell, Richard GMGSN, (1970), 9320 Old Sauk Rd. Middleton, WI. 53562, PH: 608-831-6582
Reynolds, Ricky Earl
SF, Repair Dept., (3/71-8/71) turn over,  585 Timberwolf Drive,Goreville, ILL. 62939, PH: 618-694-6530, E-Mail: [03/20/18]
Ribble, Ken
FN, Eng. Div., (01/68-07/69), 17431Broken Arrow Place, Nevada City, CA. 95959, PH: 530-265-9239, E-Mail:   After schools in San Diego I went to New Orleans and then on to the Viet Nam, I was assigned compartment cleaner/mess cool duties for the first six months (to much fun in New Orleans) then assigned to the DC generator room for work and watch station. [02/23/18]
Rice, Paul
HT1, Eng. Div., (10/70-12/71), 74 Pleasant Valley Rd., Mansfield Center, CT. 06250, Home PH: 860-774-2224, Work PH: 860-933-6121, E-Mail:  Great to find this site after all these years !! I worked forward in DC, Div. Duckworth was the Boss Giganti only thought he was :) Would love to hear from anyone who was onboard with me. I wore the funny Silver Suit on the barge landing the choppers.
Riley, Joe
SK3, Supply Div., 2328 Angler Lane, Chesapeake, VA. 23323, PH: 757-846-7802
Robbins, Leroy
HTC, (USN Ret.), (67-69), 12702 Greenshire  Dr., Houston, TX. 77048, PH: 713-320-9837,  E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures    [11/24/16]
Roberts, Frank
SK3 Hilltop Blvd, Cliffwood Beach, NJ 07735 Home: 732-583-6149 Supply Division 69-71 E-Mail:    [02/23/18] 
Robinson, George
SF1, (2/71-5/71), 831 Linda Lane, Panama City, FL. 32417, Cell PH: 814-442-4131 [10/24/16]
Roder, E. D. Jr (Ernie) 
(02/67-06/70), 705 Clara Wilson Road, Crosby, TX. 77532, PH: 281-328-3716 E-Mail: [9/14/14]
Roseman, Mike
E-2, 69-71??8369 S Independence Circle, Littleton, Co. 80128, PH: 720-328-9410, E-mail: mroseman8369@gmailcom, Hated it and did my best to disappear as often as possible. One of the the 25. [9/12/12]
Rosenberg, Bill
12421 County Rd. 4250 Rolla, MO. 65401, PH: 314-364-8433
Roth, Norman
EN2, Engineering, (6/67-5/70), 140 Oak Leaf Drive, Longs, South Carolina, 29568.  PH: 443-878-5571, E-Mail:  [09/01/16]
Rutherford, D.C.
LCDR CO, (67-68)   ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
RM3 69 or 70  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Savage, David  
EN3, (01/70-03/72), 9946 Carter Ford Road, Deerfield, OH. 44411, PH: 330-584-2164, E-Mail:
Schmelz, James E., EM2
(02/71-11/71), Repair Barge untill decommissing Sept. 1971, 105 Tara Ridge ct., Ballwin, MO 63021, PH: 314-420-9625, E-Mail:  [08/20/17]  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Schulze, Bruce
RM3, OPS Div., (02/70-02/71), 1211 NW June Drive, Kingston, OK. 73439, PH: 580-564-5593, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Scott, Michael J. 
 LTJG, (09/69-09/70), P.O.Box 1075, Manzanita, OR. 97130, PH: 503-368-7279  [10/23/15]

Seafeldt, Edward: 
RM3, OPS Div., (02/69-02/70), 4023 34th Ave West, Seattle, WA. 98199, Home PH: 206-283-
7409, Work PH: 206-283-7409, Email:

Shaffer, David
ENS., (07/70-07/71), 140 S. Jackson St., Denver, Co. 80209, PH: 720-941-4946, E-Mail:
Sheedy, Gary
EM2, (1970), 11 Jean Av., Albany, NY. 12211, PH: 518-438-0454
Shulenberg, Mike
QM or SM, (69 or 70) ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Siewing, Richard K.
RM2, OPS, (70-71), PO Box 55, Springdale, WA. 99173, E-mail: Was a great year onboard...were really busy turning the ship over to the South Vietnamese Navy........
Silkensen, Bob
EN3, (01/68-03/69), 9 Pickering Rd, Fredericksburg, VA. 22405, PH: 540-371-9253, E-mail:
Silva, Frank J.
SFM2, R-1 Division, (69-70 ), 1513 Glassy Pond Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89123, PH: 702- 896-5179, E-mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Simpson, Stephen T.
  RD2, (68-69), 129 M St. South Boston, MA. 02127  (Deceased, March, 2000)  Need more info Rate, etc, Pictures added 3/23/2017
Skok, Ron
EN3, AC Gen. Rm., (03/69-03/70), 527 Prospect Ave., Neptune, NJ 07753, E-Mail:  Did some (LCVP) BID duty, that was fun, got me out of the AC's for a "break" [02/23/18]
SMILEY SR. JAMES D., (67-70), 1905 GENTIILY CIRCLE, AUSTIN, TX. 78727, PH: 512-835-5087, E-Mail: SMLYBY@YAHOO.COM
Smith Denny K
RM3, OPS Div., (06/69-09/70), 14536 N. State Road 122, Saxon, WI. 54559, PH: 715-893-2311
Smith, Lonnie
PC3, Satyr's Postal Clerk, (67-69), 3730 Militia Drive, Titusville, FL. 32796, Home PH:407-268-2808, Work PH: 407-824-1856, E-Mail:
Smith, Thomas A. SFFN,  R-1 Div (67-69), 5288 12th St., Port Arthur, TX., PH: 409-985-8597,  E-Mail:
Smolby, Michael 
(70 -71)  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Spyres, Jerry Don
R Div, Damage Control, (11/68-08/69), 3525 Oakgrove, Howell, MI 48843,  E-Mail:
Stampeck, E.J., Susan Ln. North Haven, CT. 06473 203-239-3222 (Deceased: March 26,1998)
LTJG., Satyr's Engineering Officer in 1970  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Stearns, R. B.
RD1, (1969), 301 Highway 91, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476
Strange, Guy WO, Rear Repair Barge Officer,   ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Strickland, Ken
SM2, OPS Dept, (2/69-2/70), Georgia, USA .     Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Sturgill, John
EN3, DC Gen. & BID Boat Crew, (1970), 1800 Robins Nest Lane Apt.#11, Grand Haven, MI 49417,     Cell PH: 616-502-3261, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures     (Deceased, Nov. 9, 2014)
Suchocki , Richard
FA, E-Div. (06/67-12/69), 4418 Holmes Road, Coeur d'Alene, ID. 83815, PH: 208-765-3345,   E-mail:  The Satyr was my first duty station right out of boot camp, June 67 After my years in the service I made my home in Idaho. I have been married for 29 years and have 2 daughters Sara and Annie I also have 3 Granddaughters. I just retired from the City of  Coeur d'Alene after 32 years. A big HEY from me to all of you from the original crew.
Sunday, Ira
EM3, (69-70), 407 Ellers Grove, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, PH: 719-243-0627   E-Mail:  Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures
Swank, Mike
SM2, OPS Dept., (3/69-5/71), 19910 Hastings Cir Alvin TX 77511 , PH: 210-414-5294, E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures  [04/08/15]
Swansby, Dennis
EN3  1970  20004 Island Pkwy E. Lake Tapps, Wa. 98391-9079  Home  (253) 447-7018   E-Mail
Swayne, Richard E.
EM1, (01/68-01/69),  1228 Sulphur Springs Rd., Prospect, VA. 23960, PH: 434-574-6210, Work PH: 434-574-6210  E-Mail:  [02/23/18]
Taylor, Alfred SK2, Supply Div., (68-70), 434 SO. Buena Vista Ave.,  Orlando, FL. 32835, PH: 407-295-8028, E-Mail: Retired, I was one of the 200 men that commissioned the USS SATYR in New Orleans . I served in Vietnam 19 Months IN COUNTRY. Has anyone heard from TROY PL MEL or EDWARD CRAIG who were POST MASTERS. I just heard about this address on 5/30/04. The VA Admin Office says I was never IN-COUNTRY in Vietnam. I sure would like to know where I was. Looking forward to seeing YOU ALL at next years Reunion. Taylor  [1/27/11]
Templeton, Tim M.
SM3, OPS Dept., (N.O.-69), PO Box 476, Big Sur, CA. 93920, PH: 831-667-2830, E-Mail:  [02/23/18]
TenHulzen, Lewis, RMC
(09/67-05/69), 3562 Armstrong St. , San Diego, CA. 92111-4308., PH: 858-268-0290, E-Mail: Seen your notice of the reunion and thought I would drop you a line. I was part of the commissioning in New Orleans in March of 1968. We brought the ship through the Panama Canal to San Diego for training and outfitting before sailing to Vietnam. It was a thirty day trip to Vietnam and after ten months in the Mekong River we were relieved and sailed to Sasebo Japan. I had orders to the USS John A Bole so left the ship and arrived back in San Diego on Mother's Day 1969. I doubt that I will be able to travel from San Diego but it would be interesting to know who remains from the commissioning crew. Thanks to you for putting this event together.  RMC, USN, RET  [03/02/18]
Therry, Dennis
SF2, (68-69), 425 Snug Alley #3, Eureka, CA 95501, PH: 707/296-0525, E-Mail:
Toney, Jerry D. (Dean)
EN2, DC Gen's, and Fuel King, (05/70-04/71), 10926 Majuro Dr N., Jacksonville, FL. 32246-2441, PH: 904-641-5354, E-Mail:  Retired U.S. Navy in 79, [09/-3/19]
Turner, Dave
ETN3, (69-71), 1840 North Sheridan, Wichita, KS. 67203, Home PH: 316-945-9734, Cell PH:  316- 640-6477, E-Mail:
Ulman, Jerry
IC3 (70-71)   ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Urbom, Michael H. RM2, OPS Dept., 
(10/70-09/71), 8218 NW Forest Dr., Weatherby Lake, MO, 64152 ., PH: 816-916-3190  E-Mail:   Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes)Click for Pictures  [02/22/18]
Vanwart, Vinal L.,
EN1, Engine Repair Shop, (11/69-11/70), 528 Berrypick Lane, VA. Beach, Va. 23462, Home PH:
757-497-7457, Work PH: 757-380-4589, E-Mail:
Vidal, Ernest  
BM3, Bid Boat & Crane Operator, ( 06/69-09/1971), 17122 Irongate Rail, San Antonio, TX. 78247, PH: 210-279-3867,  E-Mail:  Lifted the River Boats for repairs & drove the Bid Boat Nightly, dropping Grenades intermittently to scare VC Divers (Sappers) away. Enjoyed the Sunday Beer Parties on one of the alongside Barges & all my Fellow Shipmates, we were all Proud to Serve. Many sad memories as well as happy ones, but we loved Our Country. Was nick named "Mouse" due to my size, but everyone could depend on me to do my job. [12/23/12]
Villiaume, Edward L. SMSA, OPS Dept., (67-69), 5744 Calais Blvd. N. #7, St. Petersburg, FL. 33714, PH: 727-527-9001, E-Mail:

Volgamore, Ray,
FN, (70-71), R-1 DIV., 1399 Mason Road, Clarksville, AR. 72830, Worked on the forward Pontoon. Home PH: 479-754-2417, Cell PH: 479-754-1672
Walker, Floyd
LT, (68-69 & 71), Chief Engineer 68-69,
Executive Officer (Lt.) 1971, & Satyr De-Commissioning Crew, Shipmate Passed Away Nov. 12, 2011 [5/19/13]
Walker,Floyd ,2011 [5/19/13]
Ware, Ware, Larry  DC3/DV2, Ship Diver, 1970-71, I was the other diver in the water with Scott Wemettte, my brother diver when he died 21 July 1970. We were from NY. and joined the Navy together. I visit Washington D.C. every year since his death. One of our other friends was John Ritter. I only want to forget that day in July but can't. PH: ????????? E-Mail:  [11/24/17]
Washington, George Leroy
EN2, (67-69)   ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Weaver, Leon RM2, (67-69), 2 Sandas Point Rd, Littleton, MA. 01460, PH: 978-952-2613, E-Mail: [09/22/19]
Welch, Gordon J. EN3, BID Boat Crew, (06/70-10/70), 8328 Lake Forest Dr., Sacramento, CA. 95826, PH: 916-381-3438, E-Mail:    Wb00861_.gif (890 bytes) Click for Pictures [7/29/14] Westgate, James EN2, (09/67-05/69), 8667 W. 24th Fremont, MI. 49412, PH: 231-924-2521, E-Mail:
Werth, Tom  
ETR3, ET Shop, (01/69-04/70), 7412 Vanness Rd., Baldwinsville, NY. 13027, PH: 315-635-3495, E-mail:  Wondering what happened to Dan Arden, Lynn Graves, Hank Osuna? Been in Defense electronics my whole career. Hope to hear from anyone that remembers me. [07/27/15] 
White, David 
(08/69-08/70), 1120 Dundee Ave. Waterloo, IA. 50701, PH: 319-233-7912
White, James E.
510 Cooper Hill Rd. Windsor, NC. 27983 919-794-2496  Deceased,8-21-2004
Wilbur, Lewis James
FN, Deck Div., (04/71-09/71), 4750 W. First St., Ludington, MI. 49431, PH: 231/845-2561  E-Mail: Came aboard as a FN and was assigned to the deck crew, stood messenger watches. [1/30/12]
Wilson, Dean A.   ETN3, (Retired as Senior Chief), ET Shop, (02/69-02/70), 410 South Dinsmore Av., Lyons, KS. 67554, PH: 620-680-6048, E-Mail:       (Deceased May 11, 2012)   [05/17/12]
Wilson, Larry D.
FTG2, Fox Div., 304 Berry Drive, Haslet, TX. 76052, Home PH: 817-439-1436 Work PH: 817-917-0139,  E-Mail:  Boss man was Manning GMG1. Can't remember others, but do remember photos of "Snuffy" and Giganti and faces that I don't remember names do have pictures.
Wilson, Virgil ENC, Engineering Div., (70-71), 420 Bennett Tingle Rd., New Burn, N.C. 28560, PH: 252-745-5762 [03/14/14]
Wojtas, Benjamin,
E-Div., EN3, 283 Bryant St., North Tonawanda, NY. 14120  ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Woltemath, Chuck
SK2, Supply, (Spring 70 to Turnover), 2000 Schubert Dr., Virginia Beach, VA. 23454, E-Mail:
Wood, Doug: RM1, OPS Div., (05/70-04/71), CR8857, Little Oaks Way, Stockton, CA. 95209, PH: 209-473-3459, E-Mail:
Woodfin, Otis Ray (Woody)
SHL3 Supply Div., ( 68-70), 2101 Marx St., San Angelo, TX. 76903, Cell PH: 325-234-0359,   E-Mail:  I need to find someone that remembers me!! I left the Satyr under a hardship discharge after receiving emergency phone call from my Father-in-law, this could have been between May and June of 1970 and I need to talk to the radioman that who transmitted that message, also the name of the Chaplain on board would be helpful, also anyone that may remember me or anything about this PLEASE RESPOND I have been diagnosed with PTSD by two VA Psychologists and need to verify that it is related to stress while in Viet Nam. Hi Guys, Doing good here in God's country. Would like to hear from you. [6/15/11]
Worthington, George C. (Doc)
HM1, Sick Bay, (12/70-05/71), 229  Greystone Lane, Quarryville, PA. 17566, Home PH:
717-786-0309, Work PH: 717-786-0309E-Mail:
Wycoff, Steve
LTJG, Supply Div., 70 Oleander Dr., Anderson, SC. 29621, PH: 864-225-6447, E-Mail:  Memorable cruise to Sasebo for repairs in '69. Filled the holds with stereo equipment, cameras and BEER and arranged for 2 crews parties. Co's were Kronnagel and then West. 

Yinger, Jodie L.
SHS3, (03/70-03/71), 6613 N. London Dr., Kansas City, MO. 64151-4028, PH: 816-741-6983,  E-Mail:  [05/04/14]
Yonkers, Mark,
69 or 70 ??????NEED MORE INFO??????
Young, Ronald ( Ron ),
EN2, (69-70) Eng. (A-Gang), 9006  Tarn Wood Court, Zilla Rica, GA. 30180-7682, PH: 770- 809-9027  E-Mail:  [03/31/18]

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Unknown/Need More Info
Anderson, Harold L.
6969 Beacon tree Way San Diego, CA. 92111-4745
Bentley, William H.
935 Madison Ave. Chula Vista, CA. 92111
Bidwel, Bill
1508 Lakeside Ave. Fort Collins, CO. 80521PH: 504-373-03234

Burbar, Dean
HT1 143 N. Seminary St., Barre, VT 05641 Home phone: 802-476-0278 Dates served unknown
Carter, Justin
41 Pendelton Rd. Fredicksburg, VA. 22405
Chambers, Ray
1603 Taylor Rd. Brandon, FL. 33510 813-689-1789

Chaves, Joe.
10279 Tingley Ln. Klamuth, OR. 97603
Courtis, Edward
14602 Divot Dr. Indian Town, FL. 34956 407-597-3074
Davis, Charles
519 Shasta Dr. Lancaster, OH. 43130
Glover, David
122 Witches Spring Rd. Hollis, NH. 03049 603-465-2259
Grant Joe,
402 N. Mill St. Grangerville, ID. 83530 208-983-2916

Hartwell, George P. Grove St. Box 161 Delevan, NY. 14042 716-492-2814
James, Otis
5875 Ulmer St. Boise, ID. 83703 208-997-8700
Jordon, Marion
RR1 Box 182B Deleware, OK. 74025 918-468-2348
Kearney, Charlie
26 Old Farm Rd. Marshfield, MA. 02050 Deceased: Charlie passed away December 10,2001 after 51 years of marriage to his wonderful wife Edith
Klimko, Edward
21503 Franklin Rd. Mapel Heights. OH. 44137 216-663-5434
Lacy, Ray
5401 Nevada Dr. Greenville, TX. 75401 903-454-3341
Larson, Harold
P.O. Box 447 Little Compton, RI. 02837.
Leighton, Charles. 5927 Jamieson St. St. Louis, MO. 63109
Leovy, Ed.
1603 Alabama Ave. Chatworth, CA. 91311 818-341-0416
Livingston, John
6209 Maurie Dr. Fort Worth, TX. 76148 817-281-4322
Lopey, Merle
399 Eldridge Ave. Vacaville, CA. 95688
Luneau, Robert
11479 Locust Dr. Hazel Crest, IL. 60429
McCabe, John
3849 Klahanie Dr. SE. APT-6-205, Issaquah, WA. 98027
Nesseim, Robert L.
Box 383 Tea, SD. 57064
O’Donnell, Terry
628 Meadows Dr. Virginia Bch, VA. 23462 804-467-5295
Orr, Robert E.
RR-2 Winchester, IN. 47394
Pacific, Hiram
1 Vista Palm Lane Apt-102 Vera Beach, FL. 32962 407-567-3091
Parker, Ken
210 Kings Mtg. St. Clover, SC. 29710 803-222-3634
Perich, William
1229 Mound Dr. Atchison, KS. 66002
Pete, Edward
1305 Pier Ave. Metarie, LA. 70005. 504-837-8852
Peterson, Pete
EM3 Utah
Phillips, James
114 McConnico Dr. Calina Park, TX. 77547 713-676-2942
Rocha, Mercos W. 104550 Gamercy Dr. Riverside, CA. 92505 714-689-7936
Salvetti, Joe
413 Gadiole San Antonio, TX. 78213 512-342-0498
Samples, Lewis B.
Sycamore Rd. Beauford, GA. 30518 404-945-2963
Sanders, Joseph L.
1951 Timerview Ct. NW. Silverdale, WA. 98383
Schrauder, Chuck
7417 Taber Ave. Philadelphia, PA. 19100
Sparks, John
3794 Julie Dr. Franklin, OH. 45005
Stauffenberg, Aaron
3 Eilean Ct. East Brunswick, NJ. 08816 908-257-1811
Tremper, Frank
1616 W. Central. Missoula, MT. 59802
Tuhey, Richard L.
180 Dartmouth Dr., Haines City, FL  33844-6238 402-786-2420 Home: 863-956-1240

Twomnly, John J.
26197 Lodgepole Ct. Hemet, CA. 92544 909-652-1391
Valeon, Dennis
661 Seagull Dr. Satellite Bch, FL. 32937 407-777-8407
Wood James J.
RD2 7123 28th Avenue, Hudsonville, MI 49426-8816 Home: 616/669-2401 Work: 616/447-3333  E-Mail: 12/70-11/71
Young, Clinton 282 St. Patrick Ave. Pensacola, FL. 32503

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VNN HQ-802
Dang, Sam 2nd
Lt. (71-74) 7443 Dallas Drive, Austin, TX 78729 Phone: 512-335-3996 E-Mail:
Pham, Chung C. DC3 (71-73) 7631 Hickman Rd. Apt.# 134 , Urbandale, IA 50322 Phone: 515-252-0781 E-Mail:







This roster contains the names of former U.S.S. Satyr personnel who have contacted the Mobile Riverine Force Association, or myself. It is not a complete roster, and will be updated as names are made available. For updates please contact Mike O'Neal (ARL-23).