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    July 1968

I was aboard the USS Whitfield County
(LST 1169) then, also of the MRF. I
remember taking the photo; I
waited until the ship lined up with 
those storm clouds in the background.
It was heading downstream as I
recall. Little did I realize that seven
months later I'd be aboard!


February 1970

Here's an aerial photo of the Satyr that I took while
leaving 2/70. I could kick myself for cutting off
the bow, but I recall that it was a quick shot that I
almost missed anyway; no time for composition


August 1969

This was taken along the streets of Long Xuyen.
As I recall Charlie was learning some of the
Vietnamese language about then, and when
he thought he said: Hello! Boys, how are you
doing? He actually said: Hello! Boys, drinks
and a meal on me.

I'm in the foreground; Charlie Prather is in
the background (kid with the red hat is
hanging on his arm)


Jeff Bender at the President Hotel in
Saigon a week before going back stateside


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