Reunion 2009, Nashville, Tenn., Page 7

Marge & Henry Helgeson in front of the Thomas Green Ryman Statue, the Riverboat Captain that the Ryman Auditorium is named after.

Artie Kitchen & Steve Massey very intent on something in Steve's hand just out of the picture area.

L to R: Janice O'Neal, Mike O'Neal Henry Helgeson & Mrs. Nancy Massey, we got to the Ryman Auditorium 30 minutes after they closed the doors.

L to R: Charlie Prather, Mike Urbom, Jerry Toney, Steve Massey, Artie Kitchen, Ira Sunday & Mike O'Neal


Frt. L to R: Fran Strickland, Mrs. Janice O'Neal, Mrs. Nancy Massey, Mrs. Barb Mann & Mrs. Marge Helgeson (with that Evil Grin).

Bk. L to R: Jerry Toney, Robert Mann & Henry Helgeson.


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