Reunion 2017, Charleston-II, S.C., Page 7
Yinger1427a Top CCW: Barbra Griffiths, Joan  Kitchen.
Fran Strickland, Barb Mann,
Janice O'Neal, Cheryl Prather 
and Kathy Frecks.
Artie Kitchen don't have any idea
what he's doing, he probably don't know either and with his back to us is 
(Red Shirt Bob in a Olive green shirt)
Norman Roth.
Yinger2419a Artie and Joan Kitchen, another  I
don't know what he's doing.
Jerry Toney  on 2nd floor
acknowledging Mike O. down
on the 1st Floor of the
O'Neal0151a Our Great American Bald Eagle, Being
harassed by the 2 Shipmates in the
below picture making him pose.
Artie and Ira bothering our
Great American Bird
and Barbra Griffiths
acting like she don't
Know them, don't
blame her.
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