Reunion 2017, Charleston-II, S.C., Page 6
Yinger2020a1 Linda Yinger, is at the left of the below picture.

L to R: Joan Kitchen, Barb Mann, Barbra Griffiths, Tomas Griffiths,
Jerry Toney, Ira Sunday (being nice for a change) and Mike O'Neal
Charlie Prather was next to Mike O but he disappeared.


L to R: Cheryl Prather, Janice O'Neal, Kathy Frecks, Ken Strickland,
Fran Strickland and  always Smiling Robert Mann.

Artie and Jodie Yinger, this is the continuation
of the above Picture after Robert Mann

Artie  trying to take my Purse away
from me...I just don't get any respect.
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