Reunion 2017, Charleston-II, S.C., Page 3

Awaiting for Group Pictures to be taken
L to R: Beverly Frecks, Micah Dickerson, Jerry Toney (Vern), Robert Mann, Steve Massey, Tom Griffiths,
Hobart Pace, Norman
(Red Shirt Bob) Roth, And Wiley Coppinger
Yinger211845a Mr. Vest, Steve Massey and Mr. Legs, Artie Kitchen
Jodie Yinger and David Horton Yinger211853
O'Neal0169a L to R: Micah Dickerson & wife Marilyn, Backside
of Artie
(his best side) and (last but not least) Joan, Artie's better half.
L to R: Jerry Toney and Robert Mann
waiting for a Buss at the Visitor's
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