Reunion 2016, Pensacola-II, FL. Page 3
Hosp Rm K62a
 L to R: Charlie Prather, Ken Strickland, Beverly Frecks, Jerry Toney,
David Horton, Marian Komara and Lastly Nancy Massey

Hosp Rm K61a
 L to R:  Jerry Toney, Nancy Massey, David Horton, Marian Komara,
Fran Strickland, The Crocheting Hands of Kathy Frecks and and
Linda Yinger
Hosp Rm K65a
 L to R: Ken Strickland, Charlie Prather(see the Conniving Look), Ed Lackaye,
Beverly Frecks and last but not least Jerry Toney
Hosp Rm K66a
L to R:  Linda Yinger, Kathy Frecks, Nancy Massey, Back of Fran Strickland,
Marian Komara, Ken Strickland and the Conniving Guy Charlie Prather.
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