Reunion 2016, Pensacola-II, FL. Page 2
Hosp Rm Toney602a
The  Ladies (Wifes)
L to R:
Nancy Massey, Linda Yinger, Cheryl Prather, Janice O'Neal,
Fran Strickland
and the Lady on the end Kathy Frecks
Hosp Rm Toney600a
The CREW and Their Better Halves
Back Row L to R:
Kathy Frecks,
Fran Strickland, Janice O'Neal,
Cheryl Prather, Linda Yinger and Lastly Nancy Massey.
L to R:  Beverly Frecks, Ken Strickland, Mike O'Neal, Charlie Prather,
Jodie Yinger (Shorty), and Steve Massey.
2015-Akins 233a
Jerry Toney (next to Gregory (Pappy) Boyington's or a replica of his Plane.
I was running out of Pic's, so I took one of Akins 2015 Pic's That wasn't used
taken at the Pensacola Naval Air Museum, Good looking Young Man, Huh.
Appears to be the BETTER SIDE of Mike O'Neal checking out aRF-8G
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