Reunion 2012, Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Page 9

Henry Helgeson & Better Half Marge Helgeson

L to R  CW: Cathy Frecks back of head, Steve Massey's leg, Headless Blue T-Shirt is Ira Sunday, Sharon Lembke, Russell Lembke &, Beverly Frecks.

L to R  CW: Robert Mann, Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson (preparing to be Santa in about 6 months), Mike & Better Half Janice O'Neal, Charlie Prather and last and least Artie Kitchen The CC.

L to R  CW: Henry Helgeson, Janice & Mike O'Neal, Steve Massey, Our Man John Sturgill, Robert Mann (either asleep or looking at something in his hand and lastly Ira Sunday's T-Shirt

John Sturgill standing , Robert Mann & Steve Massey

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