Reunion 2012, Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Page 2

John Sturgill standing informing us he took care or the River Boat Cruise Pictures.

L to R ; Sharon Lembke, Ira Sunday (the Better side of him), Barb & Robert Mann.

L to R  CW; Russell  & Sharon Lembke, John Sturgill, Robert Mann, Jerry Toney, Artie Kitchen, Barb Mann, Ira Sunday, Joyce & Patrick Comer.

L to R  CW; Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson, Jim Cassity & Trudy Cassity, Janice & Mike O'Neal, Henry & Marge Helgeson, & lastly Steve Massey.

L to R : Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson, Patrick Comer, Steve Massey, "And there's Johnny" John Sturgill, Jerry Toney "Not Old", Artie Kitchen "TCCFJ" and lastly Mike O'Neal.

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