Reunion 2012, Ft. Mitchell, Ky. Page 8

L to R  CW: Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson , Pat Comer, Joyce Comer, Henry Helgeson, Janice O'Neal Mike O'Neal, Steve Massey & pole, Robert Mann, Ira Sunday, Artie Kitchen, Sharon Lembke & the head of Cathy Frecks.

L to R: Barb Mann, Joyce & Pat Comer.

L to R: Robert Mann, Ira Sunday & Artie Kitchen trying to look Intelligent.

L to R  CW: Henry Helgeson (also telling me I'm # UNO), Marge Helgeson, Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson & Robert Mann with his back to you.

L to R  CW: Beverly Frecks, Cathy Frecks, Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson, Pat & Joyce Comer

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