Reunion 2010, Charleston, SC, Page 4

L to R: Artie Kitchen, Fran Strickland & Joan Kitchen. Artie always seems to find a way to get around the good looking Ladies.

L to R:  Mike O'Neal, Jerry Toney (youngest of the three) & Robert Mann. "Three Ole Swabbies" lining the Rail leaving port heading to Fort Sumter).

L to R:  Robert Mann & Fran Strickland on the boat (going to or returning from Fort Sumter).

"Tourist" ?? Just joking it's Shipmate Charlie Prather.

Mike Urbom & Pat Meads Strolling up the walk way to one of the Old Preserved Charleston Homes "part of a tour", Fran Strickland at the bottom of the stairs, Charles & Ann Marie at left corner of porch and Jerry Toney at right side corner.

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