Reunion 2010, Charleston, SC, Page 2

Guys & Their Ladies of ARL-23 & LST-603

Bk. Row L to R:  Artie Kitchen, Don Drake, Steve Massey, Mike O'Neal, Hobart Pace, Charles Kerstetter, Mr. Steve Turner CO LST-603 1968-69, Robert Mann (Ch. Eng.LST-603), Benny Tackett, Ken Strickland, Jerry Toney, Charlie Prather,  Frank Silva, Micah Dickerson & Mike Urbom (AWOL @Photo Shoot).

Frt. Row L to R: Joan Kitchen, Nancy Massey, Janice O'Neal, Mrs. Hobart Pace, Ann Marie Kerstetter, Louise Turner, Barb Mann, Fran Strickland.


Frank Silva & Monica  (AWOL @ the Group Photo shoot).

Pat Meads & Mike Urbom (also AWOL @ Group Photo shoot).

Micah & Artie Kitchen harassing some poor soul as usual, maybe it's ME.

Micah & Artie again only Micah isn't as happy as in the above photo, someone must have got on his LIST (I think it was ME {I hope}, good thing were BUDDIES, I think).


L to R: Steve Massey, Ken Strickland, Artie Kitchen, Micah Dickerson, Mike Urbom, Fran Strickland, Pat Meads & Benny Tackett. Looks like Micah the one with the "Now You Aren't Going to Believe This" story in the Photo.

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