Reunion 2010, Charleston, SC, Page 13

Mike O'Neal, & Jerry Toney, I think Mike might be trying to get to somebody only I can't remember who we were talking to.

L to R: Don Drake, Mr. Steve Turner (CO LST-603 1968-69), Benny Tackett, Ken Strickland, Mike O'Neal, Fran Strickland & Louise Turner.

Ann Marie &  Charles Kerstetter.

L to R: Don Drake, Jerry Toney, Ken Strickland & Mr. Steve Turner  (CO LST-603 1968-69).

L to R: Jerry Toney, Fran Strickland, Mr. Turner (CO LST-603 1968-69) explaining the reason for turning over Ship's (LST-603) "Fleet Battle Efficiency Award " to Mike O'Neal.

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