Reunion 2010, Charleston, SC, Page 16

Charles Kerstetter and a little Fort Sumter gun.

L to R: Artie Kitchen, Jerry Toney, Ken Strickland, Benny Tackett behind Pat Meads, Fran Strickland, Charlie Prather, Hobart Pace, Mike Urbom & Steve Massey.

Bk L to R: Don Drake, Ken Strickland, Charles Kerstetter, Jerry Toney, Mike O'Neal, Robert Mann, Steve Massey, & Artie Kitchen.

Frt L to R: Ann Marie Kerstetter, Fran Strickland, Janice O'Neal, Barb Mann, Nancy Massey, Pat Meads, Mike Urbom & Joan Kitchen.

L to R: Joan Kitchen, Mike O'Neal, Artie Kitchen, Janice O'Neal, Jerry Toney, Barb & Robert Mann at "Denny's", can't remember if it was breakfast or lunch.

CW: Barb Mann, Jerry Toney, Janice O'Neal, Benny Tackett, Charles & Ann Marie Kerstetter, Artie & Joan Kitchen, & last but not least Robert Mann.

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