Reunion 2008 Chattanooga, Tenn., Revisited, Page 9

L to R: C. Cook's Son's elbow, Mrs. Charles Cook, Fran, Barb & last but not least 3 Ole Gray Headed  Gents, Charles "Cook WWII ARL-23 Sailor", Toney & Ken.

Ron (Ron-B0b) Hobson, I wonder if he fills in for Santa Claus in December

Me, Jerry Toney, Fran or Ken Strickland caught me when I didn't expect them, you can see by the dumb expression on my face (I know everyone says that's just normal for me, but what's normal?

L to R: Beverly Frecks & "Ole Chrome Dome" I mean Micah Dickerson (he's going to get even at the next reunion (Nashville, Tenn. June 2009), see he's in deep thought now planning.

L to R: Barb Mann, Robert Mann, Capt. Steve Turner CO LST-603 1968-69, Hobart Pace & Louise Turner.

Hey Guys need more pic's of the Turner's & Mann's from this reunion, only have from Strickland, O'Neal, Hobson & Myself

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