Reunion 2008 Chattanooga, Tenn., Revisited, Page 8

Ken & Fran Strickland

Louise Turner &  Capt. Steve Turner (who was CO of LST-603 1968-69) having a discussion with one of our shipmate not in picture.

L to R: Fran & Ken Strickland, Marge, Henry Helgeson, Janice O'Neal, Hobart & Mrs. Pace

L to R: Charles Cook (WWII Vet), Jerry Toney (me), Ken Strickland, Micah Dickerson, Beverly Frecks, and always happy Pat Mead sitting there checking the rest of the crew out, this was or last day and we were all getting ready to head home.

L to R: Pat Meads back, Mike O'Neal cutting something, Mike Urbom, Janice O'Neal , Marge, Henry Helgeson, and Charles Cook (WWII Satyr Vet)

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