Reunion 2008 Chattanooga, Tenn., Revisited, Page 4

L to R: Mrs. Hobart Pace, Sam Crawford and Fran Strickland. I still haven't figured out what Sam doing with the money in his hand, BUT knowing Sam, NO COMMENT!!!!!

Charles Cook (WWII Vet) and Family

L to R: George Fullam (WWII Vet), Fran Strickland (Vietnam Vet's Better Half), Charles Cook  (WWII Vet)

L to R: Beverly Frecks, Mike O'Neal, Micah Dickerson and me Jerry Toney which they are making fun of ,by saying I dyed my hair very light Grey or Gray, (Guess I'll let them in on the SECRET, I'm getting OLD) They're always picking on me for something

L to R Frt: Mike O'Neal, Jerry Toney, Sam Crawford, Nancy Massey sitting over by herself and George Fullam sitting behind us on the cooler. We are at one of the many Tenn. lakes on the Tenn. River.

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