Reunion 2008 Chattanooga, Tenn., Revisited, Page 7

The Fearsome Foursome

L to R: Unsmiling Sam Crawford, Hobart Pace, Ron-Bob Hobson,& Ken Strickland

What have they been plotting?

Janice O'Neal (The Boss), Mike O'Neal the lesser half & Artie Kitchens with the Legs (if I ran short of room on this picture I was going to cut off his head but never them legs)

Ron-Bob about to fall asleep while Fran is being sang to (again) by the Singing Waiter in "The Station House Restaurant"

Mike O'Neal (attempting to take a picture, he's from Ms. that's the reason for my comments) & his Better half Janice O'Neal, Her and the other Ladies do so much for us and still put up with us, They're nice.

Steve Massey with the cool shades & Artie Kitchens showing him pictures he took ( I wonder if they are of the He/She Body Builder that was showing off at the other end of the pool in the Bikini?)

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