Reunion 2007 San Antonio, Texas, Page 9

This was at "DICK'S LAST RESORT", WE DON'T RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. Unless you read up on it on the internet first.

CW L to R: Jerry Toney (me), Wayne Higdon, Ira Sunday, Artie Kitchen, Mike O'Neal, Nancy Massey & last but not least Ole Steve Massey hiding behind the shades.

Upper right hand hand corner is "Steve's Moon" from the Gazebo outside of the Hospitality Room which you can see at the lower left of picture. You have to understand he Artie and a few others were there until the wee hours of the morning telling Sea Stories (which I'm sure were all true), the lights were out in the Hospitality Room, and after trying to keep all that good beer from going sour. I don't want you to think I'm making excuse's for my good buddy Steve, BUT with the combination of the trees maybe A LITTLE FOG and a few other factors Steve swore it was the Moon. That's his story and he's sticking with it!!!  

This is a picture that SAM CRAWFORD just happened to take and wont let a poor little ole man like me rest. He's also got a long story to go along with this picture that makes me feel like I could sit on a match book and dangle my feet.

I thinks Sam Likes to keep Old Retired Enginemen confused and boy has he succeeded with me.


CW L to R: Charlie Prather, Ken Strickland, Micah Dickerson,  Mike O'Neal Last but a long way from least Fran Strickland

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