Reunion 2007 San Antonio, Texas, Page 4

L to R C/W: At a Tex-Mex Restaurant, Left Clockwise: Fran Strickland, Charlie Prather, Mike Swank & his little Buddy, Little Buddy's Mother, Sam Crawford & Party Girl Pat Meads

Sam Crawford & Pat Mead, in the Hospitality Room clowning around as usual. Artie Kitchen behind playing with camera.

Mike Urbom on the San Antonio River walk, don't he look like a lost soul?

Me (Jerry Toney) with the gray HAIR & Micah Dickerson with the evil grin and not so much hair, discussing what's wrong with this world today.

L to R Frt: Jim Cassity, Mike O'Neal & Trudy Cassity

L to R Bk: Steve Massey, Artie Kitchen, Pat Meads back, Ken Strickland standing & last (& maybe least) Ira Sunday

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