Reunion 2007 San Antonio, Texas, Page 6

Mike's O'Neal 

L to R: Jim Coulson, Jim Cassity, Sam Crawford & Jerry Toney

I sure hope Sam is looking at that chair and not my legs, although I know they're nice


Robert & Barb Mann they always seemed to be smiling and were fun to be with.

 L to R: Mike O'Neal, Barney (Festus) McGammon & Mr. Steve Turner CO of LST-603 1968-69 (all 3 are 603 Shipmates) having a good discussion, which reunions are all about.

L to R: Jerry Toney (me looking dumb founded as usual), Mike O'Neal ( Mississippi don't have Phone's so he's really awed by the marvels in the Hotel), Sam Crawford telling Mike Urbom (taking the Picture) that he's # UNO, Mike Swank, Micah Dickerson (with the REAL SHORT HAIR CUT)& his better half Marilyn

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