Reunion 2007 San Antonio, Texas, Page 3

Starting to wonder about Young Mike Urbom here, I think Pat Meads has convinced him on a New Liberty Uniform that is not quite up to Par for a USS SATYR Sailor

Artie Kitchen looking at some of the many Plaques on the Veterans walk of Honor & Memorial walls (Planes, Ships, Men & Org.) at the Adm. Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas

A very serious discussion going on here with  (on the Left) Louise Turner,  (center with hands in motion) Barb Mann and Steve Turner (CO LST-603 1968-69) looking on.

A Motley crew we have here at Breakfast 

L to R CW: Micah Dickerson, Sam Crawford, Nancy & Steven Massey, Artie Kitchen & the (Me) Old Guy Jerry Toney


Also at Breakfast, Ira Sunday (w/his constant Evil Grin or is that a Leer) and the always happy Pat Meads

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