July 5, 1970

Hi all,

 How did you all enjoy your trip down to New Orleans and Mississippi. How many different places did you all go to on the trip?

In just about a week I'll have only seven months to go.  I am down to about seven and a half now.

Last Wednesday a bunch of us went down river to an Army field and played baseball, I mean softball. We had a good time. I took a roll of slides and their getting developed now. When they come back I'll look at them and then send them to Durant. I sure was out of shape and sore. It has been a long time since I have played ball.

Guess what I saw when we were pulling up to the bank to tie up. This Vietnamese woman brought a basket up to the river bank and dumped about five or six big rats out on the ground and she started to skin them. After she cleaned them she put them back in the basket. I guess they eat rats over here. I wonder what a rat taste like?

We played ball until about 3:30 and then we came back. It took about one half hour to get back to the Satyr.

Not much has happened lately. The other day a Vietnamese patrol boat came up along side with three dead Vietnamese in it. They were attacked up the river a ways. We are about the same distance south of the border (Cambodia) as we have been. The other day three dead bodies floated by to.

I went to church today and last Sunday also. We have a new chaplain. His name is O'Brien. They have been having church pretty regular now.

They are trying to get a ham radio setup on the Satyr. It will be on military frequencies and we have to get approval from the commanding officer. I don't know if they will get it or not. If they do that means I can talk to you all over radio from where ever we are at. Elledge did it when he was over here.

The package should be here tomorrow or sometime this week for sure.  Well that is about if for now, so I'll be seeing you all later.

                                                                                             Love Bruce

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