June 18, 1970


I got the slides back from the trip down to Thoung Thoi and every one of them came out real good. The color is really pretty. They have some real good scenes in them.  I am going to put them in the mail with this letter. They should get there the same time this letter does. How many slides have I sent home so far? I'll really have a collection by the time February rolls around. Remember the time Richard showed his, I thought he was never going to finish.  I sure wish they would get some more.

I sure wish they would get some more Super 8 movie film in. If I had had some film today I could have shot some real good stuff. The Vietnamese Army ran into some enemy about a mile from us. Helicopters and planes were shooting rockets at them all afternoon. About two hours ago the SVN Army, who are camped out on the shore line began shooting 105 howitzers. You could see the smoke from where they hit.  The zoom lens would have came in handy.

We are about a quarter to a half mile from the Cambodian border right now. I can see the border easily. There is an island in the river and the border is at the end of it.  I took a few photos of the fire fight with the instamatic, so when they get back I'll send them to you all.

I got the article on the first game Stevie played. I see you hit a double, have you hit any home runs yet. We have another mail call tomorrow. Send me a Oklahoma map so I can look at it every once in awhile. What kind of mail have I been getting.  If I get any QSL cards send them to me because I can answer them for free. Don't forget the care package and the Beechnut.

Well, I am counting 7 months and so many days now. Really getting short now. I have been in-country Vietnam for 4 months today. I left the US 4 months ago yesterday and left Oklahoma 4 months 2 days ago.

Well, I don't have much more. I'll bet you all really like the slides I am sending this time. See you all later on.

                                                                                                    Love Bruce

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