Reunion 2014, Chattanooga, Tenn., Revisited III, Page 6

Artie & Joan Kitchen

Mike Swank & Ira Sunday
(They look like theirs nobody around to pester)


Wayne Higden & James Akins
(who are they fixing to mess with now)


Btm. C.C.: Mike Swank, Marion & (EM) Wiley Coppinger, (EM) Wayne Higdon & EN Mike O'Neal (explaining the facts of life to the two EM's)

C.W. L. to R.: Artie Kitchen, back of Linda Yinger, Janice O'Neal, Robert Mann, Sam Crawford, Ira Sunday, Barb Mann, Rich Hoyt and Lastly Beverly Frecks


C.W. L. to R.: Ron-Bob Hobson, Rosemary Hoyt, Nancy Massey, Pat Meads, Joan Kitchen, Linda Yinger, Cathy Frecks & Artie Kitchen


L. to R.: Rich Hoy, Beverly Frecks, Ron-Bob Hobson, Mike Swank Lastly Marion & Wiley Coppinger

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