Reunion 2014, Chattanooga, Tenn., Revisited III, Page 2

The Crews Ladies (Better Half) of ARL-23 & LST-603,
They ensures our Reunion Sails along Smoothly

Back row L to R: Rosemary Hoyt, Fran Strickland
Middle Row L to R: Janice O'Neal, Barb Mann (LST-603), Joan Kitchen, Cathy Frecks, Nancy Massey
Front Row L to R: Joyce Comer, Linda Yinger, Marion Coppinger , Hildy Akins

Pat Meads
AWOL from Group Picture as Usual

The Men & Women of our Group

Back row L to R: Steve Massey, Charlie Prather, Artie Kitchen, Jerry Toney, Rich Hoyt, Ron(-Bob) Hobson, Wiley Coppinger, Wayne Higden
Middle L to R:
Robert Mann (LST-603), Jodie Yinger, Ken Strickland, Sam Crawford, James Akins, Mike O'Neal, Ira Sunday, Mike Swank (our token Hippie, sorry Mike I couldn't help it), Marion Coppinger, Pat Comer
Simi-Front Row L to R: Fran Strickland, Hildy Akins, Linda Yinger, Beverly Frecks,  Cathy Frecks, Nancy Massey, Joan Kitchen, Joyce Comer, Micah Dickerson
Setting-Front Row L to R: Janice O'Neal, Barb Mann (LST-603), Rosemary Hoyt

Making use of the Outside Pool

Rich & Rosemary Hoyt cooling off & enjoying the Pool

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