Reunion 2011, Baton Rouge, La. Page 6

L to R: Jerry Toney (I'm looking around to see if anyone is watching me get it reamed), Mike O'Neal (he's not really reading me the riot act).

Jerry Toney (resting after the happening)

Henry Helgeson (With the eyes and expression of "wait until I do this", my Dobie looks more innocent just before he gets in trouble).

Ira Sunday (I don't know if they made him leave or not "they should have").

L to R: Part of the Reunion usual Crew, Robert Mann, Artie Kitchen, Steve Massey & Johnny Sturgill.

L to R: Janice O'Neal, Nancy Massey & Joan Kitchen (somewhere in the vicinity of the Haunted House they were going to tour that evening).

L to R: Barb Mann, Pat Mead & (Trouble) Ira Sunday in the Hospitality Room.

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