Reunion 2011, Baton Rouge, La. Page 10

"Boutins Cajun Restaurant"              L to R: Janice O'Neal, Barb Mann, Robert Mann, Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson & part of Mike Urbom

"Boutins Cajun Restaurant"

L to R: Mike Urbom, Pat Meads, Nancy Massey, Steve Massey, Red Shirt in a friend of Mike Swank's

"Boutins Cajun Restaurant"  

R to L: Charlie Prather, Henry Helgeson, Ira Sunday, & two friends of Swank's

 "Boutins Cajun Restaurant"                   R to L: Artie Kitchen, Joan Kitchen, Charlie Prather, Henry Helgson & Ira Sunday

"Boutins Cajun Restaurant"

L to R C/W: Charlie Prather, Joan Kitchen, Artie Kitchen, Jerry Toney, John Sturgill, Robert Man & Mike Urbom

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