Reunion 2018, Chattanooga-IV, TN, Page 2

Men and their Better Half  PT 1
BK L to R: Benak's Sister, Bev Frecks, David Devine, Henry Helgeson, Charley Prather, Hobart Pace,
Ken Strickland, and Lastly Mike O'Neal.
Frt L to R: Kathy Frecks, Fran Strickland, Vickie Devine, Joyce Comer, Nancy Massey,
Madeline, Hobart, Benak's Brother-in-law, and Janice O'Neal.
 attended PT 1

Men and their Better Half that attended PT 2
BK L to R: Ira Sunday, Mike Urbom, Wayne Hidgon, Jerry (Vern) Toney, James Akin, Steve Massey,
Jodie Yinger and lastly Pat Comer

Frt L to R: Rita, Hanson, Allen Hanson, Hildy Akins, Donald Benak, Linda Yinger.

The Crews Better Half
L to R: Hildy Akins, Fran Strickland, Madeline Pace, Janice O'Neal, Benak's Sister, Nancy Massey,
Kathy Frecks, Linda Yinger with her leg brace, Vickie Devine, last of all Joyce Comer.

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