Reunion 2015, Pensacola, FL. Page 6

L to R C/W: Sneaky Ira Sunday, Bev Frecks, Wiley Coppinger & his better half, Marion with her back to camera.

L to R C/W: Robert Mann & The Smart One Barb Mann, Thomas Griffiths & better half, Barbra.

L to R : Mike O'Neal , Jerry Toney (Vern) &Last but not Least Janice O'Neal.

L to R C/W: "Wise Guy" Artie Kitchen, James Akins, Jodie & Better Half Linda  Yinger, the better half of the Kitchens' Joan.

Back Row L to R: : Barb Mann, Linda Yinger.

Frt. Row L to R: Janice O'Neal, Nancy Massey & once again Joan Kitchen.

L to R: Mike O'Neal & Henry Helgeson.

Steve Massey & Better Half Nancy

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