Reunion 2006, Chattanooga, Tenn., Page 1

Holiday Inn, Chattanooga, Tenn.

June, 7-11, 2006 

    Group Photo
USS SATYR       Reunion of the Crew         ARL-23
Crew Attendance of the 2006 ARL-23 Reunion

Frt  L to R:  Mike Urbom,  Sam Crawford,  George Fullam,  Leo DeSantis,  Steve Massey,  Mike O'Neal,  Gordon Welch,  Ron Hobson (Ron-Bob),  

Bk  L to R:  Kenneth Strickland,  Charlie Prather, Micah Dickerson,  Hobart Pace ,  Artie Kitchen,  Jerry Toney,  Henry Helgeson,  Ira Sunday,


Our "Inn Liaison" Tonya (Who was the Greatest) between the two OLD GUY'S Mike & Steven who set up our Great Reunion

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