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USS Satyr (ARL-23)
2000 Reunion of the Vietnam Crew

Branson, MO, June 2-4




Vietnam Crew of the ARL-23

Front row from left Joe Dale SF1 67-69 MO, Keith Michaels RD2 67-69 AR, Gordon Welch EN3 70 CA, Row 2 from left Jim Fisher ENC 68-69 NV, Steven Massey SF3 70-71 MD, Henry Helgeson EN3 69-70 WI, Row 3 from left Mike Urbom RM2 70-71 KS, Wayne Hidgon EM3 67-69 DC, David White ICC 69-70 IA, Bill Rosenburg SFC 67-69 MO, Row 4 from left Butch Bessmer SKSN 70-71 MO, Jimmy Estes SN 67-69 MS, Ira Sunday EM3 69-70 CO, Sam Crawford PN3 69-70 DE, Back row from left Curtis Altom SKC 67-69 AR, Bruce Schulze RM3 70-71 OK, Mike O'Neal EN3 70-71 MS, Harold Best EN3 69-70 FL Not shown Ron Hedgespeth EM3 70-71 MO

Branson, Missouri, June 3, 2000

The Crew
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