Movie Clips
of the ARL-23
in the Mekong Delta
In 1984 I transferred my old Super-8 movies to VHS tape. A VHS Camcorder was used to record the movies which were projected on a 4ft screen. The movies were originally made using a Bell and Howell Super-8 camera purchased at the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange back in 1969. I will be adding more clips to this page so keep checking back. I hope to have the transfer redone to improve the quality. These video clips are RealMedia (rm) files. Click here to get a FREE RealPlayer G2. You will need it to see the clips.

Last Updated 12/05/13

1. Sinking of the ARL-23's LCM: Richard Pettit (69-70) said the rear propellar shaft packing blew out while the Mike Boat was being towed to the Satyr. It was loaded with C-Rations, and LRPS. A U.S. Army diver drowned during the recovery operations. lcm.rm 95KB
23 seconds
2. Recovery of the LCM: Recovery operations from an Alpha Boat. The recovery is centered near the Neak Long, Cambodia ferries. recovery.rm 61KB
12 seconds
3. YFM-890: YFM-890 enroute to resupply the ARL-23 on the upper Mekong River near Tan Chau. yfm890.rm 77KB
18 seconds
4. Air Strike: Air strike on the east bank of the upper Mekong River near the Cambodian border. strike.rm 69KB
15 seconds
5. Helo Landing: USN CH-46 landing on the ARL-23's Helo Barge at Long Xuyen on the Bassac River. helo2.rm 80KB
19 seconds
6. Helo Taking Off: USN CH-46 leaving the ARL-23's Helo
Barge at Long Xuyen on the Bassac River.
helo.rm 69KB
15 seconds
7. Benewah (APB-35): US Army Helo landing on the Benewah near Tan Chau on the Upper Mekong River. benewah.rm 53KB
12 seconds
8. ARL-23's LCM: The ARL-23's Mike Boat being repainted. mike.rm 41KB
7 seconds
9. USN and VNN Tango Boats: USN and VNN (South Vietnamese Navy) Tango Boats on the port side. tango.rm 49KB
11 seconds
10. ARL-23 Barges on Port Side: Helo and Supply Barges. portside.rm 83KB
18 seconds
11. ARL-23 A-Frame Lift Barge: VNN (South Vietnamese Navy) Alpha Boat on the A-Frame lift barge. lift.rm 33KB
6 seconds
12. Long Xuyen: Scenes of the city. longxuyen.rm 101KB
22 seconds
13. Long Xuyen: Scenes of the city. longxuyen2.rm 84KB
17 seconds
14. Long Xuyen: Scenes of the city. longxuyen3.rm 126KB
27 seconds
15. Long Xuyen: Long Xuyen from the Bassac River. longxuyen4.rm 53KB
11 seconds
16. Tan Chau: Scenes of the city. In the first scene I am the tall one on the right. tanchau.rm 110KB
25 seconds
17. Tan Chau: Scenes of the city and the water front.  The LCVP
is the boat on the right.
tanchau2.rm 103KB
23 seconds
18. MRB: Mobile Riverine Base on the Upper Mekong River near
Tan Chau. The first part of this clip is the ARL-23 underway, with
the LCVP alongside, on an unknown canal in the Delta.
mrb.rm 90KB
20 seconds
19. VNN Alpha Boats: Two South Vietnamese Navy Alpha Boats leaving the ARL-23 for a mission. vnnalpha.rm 65KB
14 seconds
20. Near Dong Tam: An unknown ARL anchored in the River. dongtam.rm 93KB
21 seconds.
21. Misc.1 The ARL-23 would occasionally change positions on
the Mekong or Bassac Rivers. This clip and the two below are
scenes  of the west bank of the Bassac River during a move several miles south of Long Xuyen. The first scene is of a YRBM (9610)
that had been turned over to the South Vietnamese Navy.
Misc.rm 116KB
26 seconds
22. Misc.2 Misc2.rm 93KB
21 seconds
23. Misc.3 Misc3.rm 106KB
26 seconds
24. Long Xuyen Liberty: RMSN ADAMS (left) and Me at Long Xuyen. liberty.rm 30 KB
5 seconds