The ARL-23 in Vietnam Operations Map

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A   Tan Son Nhut AFB, Saigon: The majority of the ARL-23 crew first arrived in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhut. Tan Son Nhut Map   Saigon Map   Top     
Annapolis BOQ/BEQ, Saigon: The Navy's transit barracks in the Cholon District. The Annapolis was usually the first stop after leaving Tan Son Nhut.  Approximately three days were spent here in preparation for the normal one year tour on the ARL-23. Photo   Top
B Junction of the Soirap and Vanco Rivers near Nha Be: From July to September, 1968 the ARL-23 operated in the Nha Be area . Map   Top
C Vung Tau: On the South China Sea coast approximately 35 miles southeast of Saigon. At Vung Tau, on July 10, 1968 the ARL-23 first arrived in Vietnam. The next day she left for Dong Tam and Mobile Riverine Base Alpha. Map   Top
D Dong Tam: On the My Tho River approximately 35 miles southwest of Saigon. Task Force 117 (The Mobile Riverine Force) was based primarily at Dong Tam. From July, 1968 to mid-1969 the ARL-23 often supported MRF operations in the Dong Tam area. Map   Top
E Vinh Long: During most of October, 1968 the ARL-23 supported MRF operations in the Vinh Long area. Map   Top
F Can Tho: On the Bassac River approximately 35 miles south of Long Xuyen. From November to December, 1968 the ARL-23 supported MRF operations in the Can Tho area . Map   Top
G Tan Chau: On the Mekong River approximately 7 miles south of Cambodia. The
ARL-23 operated in the Tan Chau area several times mostly during the later part of her tour in Vietnam. She was in the Tan Chau area when American and Vietnamese units first entered Cambodia. In 1970 she supported American and Vietnamese naval and marine units involved in "Tran Hung Dao" I, VII, XI, XVII, and XVIII. Map   Top
H Long Xuyen: On the Bassac River approximately 30 miles south of Cambodia. During the ARL-23's three years in Vietnam she participated in many MRF operations between Long Xuyen and Can Tho. At Long Xuyen, on September 30, 1971 the ARL-23 was turned over to the South Vietnamese Navy and was recommissioned as the VNS Vinh Long (HQ-802). Map   Top
I Rach Gia: On the Gulf of Thailand coast approximately 120 miles west of Saigon. In mid-December, 1968 the ARL-23 moved into the Gulf of Thailand to support units participating in the "Sea Lord" Campaign and operation "Silver Mace I" involving the first open sea transit of heavy riverine assault craft. Map   Top
J Thuong Thoi: On the Mekong River approximately two miles below Tan Chau. An ARVN (South Vietnamese Army) compound was located here.  Occasionally crew from the ARL-23 would make mail runs to an airstrip a quarter mile south of the compound. Map   Top
K Cambodia: In May and June of 1970 the ARL-23 supported American and Vietnamese naval and marine units operating in Cambodia.  The ARL-23 entered Cambodia for a brief time before returning to the Tan Chau area. Map   Top
L Song On Doc: In early 1970 the ARL-23 operated briefly in the vicinity of Son On Doc near the Hu Minh Forest. Map   Top
M Song Co Chien River: On July 12, 1968 the ARL-23 first joined Mobile Riverine Base Alpha, anchored 18 kilometers south of Mo Cay. Map   Top