Courtesy of MRFA President Albert B. Moore

Last Updated 12/05/13

ACTOC - Accelerated Turnover Plan MSO – Minesweeper Ocean
AHCO - Aviation Helicopter Company MSR – Minesweeper Patrol
APB - Self Propelled Barracks Ship NSA – Naval Support Activity
AR - Repair Ship NVA - North Vietnamese Army
ARVN - Army of the Republic of Vietnam PACV - Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle
ASPB - Assault Patrol Boat PC - Submarine Chaser (Patrol Craft)
ATC - Armored Troop Carrier PBR - River Patrol Boat
ATSB - Advanced Support Patrol Base PCE - Patrol Escort
ATC(H) - Armored Troop Carrier (Helicopter) PCF - Patrol craft (Swiftboat)
CCB - Command Communication Boat PF - Popular Forces
CSC - Coastal Surveillance Center PG - Patrol Gunboat
DD - Destroyer PT - Patrol Torpedo
DE - Destroyer Escort PRU - Provincial Recon Units
DMZ - Demilitarized Zone RAD - River Assault Division
EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal RAG - River Assault Group
FOM(short) - French River Patrol Boat RAID - River Assault-Interdiction(Div)
FOM(long) - French River Patrol Boat RAS - River Assault Squadron
HAL-3 - Helicopter Attack Light (UH-1 Hueys) ROK - Republic of Korea
HC-1 - Helicopter Combat Support Squadron One RONONE - Squadron One (USCG)
HECP - Harbor Entrance Central Post RPC - River Patrol Craft
HPE - Harbor Patrol Element RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade
IUWG - Inshore Undersea Warfare Group RSS - River Support Squadron
LCA - Landing Craft Assault SAS - Special Air Service
LCM - Landing Craft Medium SEAL - Sea Air Land Team
LCPL - Landing Craft Personnel (Large) SEALORDS - (see below)
LCS - Landing Craft Support SEASHARP - (see below)
LCVP  -Landing Craft, Vehicles and Personnel SOG - Special Operating Group
LSM - Landing Ship Medium STAB - Strike Assault Boat
LSIL - Infantry Landing Ship Large SWIFT BOAT- Inshore (PCF)
LSSC - Light Seal Support Craft TDY - Temporary Duty
LSSL - Support Landing Ship Large TF-115 - Market Time
LST - Landing Ship Tank TF-116 - Gamewardens
MAAG - Military Assistance Advisory Group TF-117 - Mobile Riverine Force
MACV - Military Assistance CommandVietnam USN - United States Navy
MB1 - Mobile Support Base One USCG - United States Coast Guard
MB2 - Mobile Support Base Two VC - Viet Cong
MDMAF - Mekong Delta Mobile Afloat Base VAL-4 - Light Attack Squadron
MIUWS - Mobile Inshore Undersea War Surveillance VARS - Visual Airborne (Recon)
MRF - Mobile Riverine Force VNAF  -Vietnamese Air Force
MSB - Minesweeper Boat (Non) Magnetic) WHEC - High Endurance Cutter Craft (USCG)
MSC - Minesweeper Coastal (Non Magnetic) WPB - Patrol Craft (USCG)
MSM - Minesweeper Medium YRBM - Yard Repair Berthing and Mess

SEALORDS - Southeast Asia Lake, Ocean, River and Delta Strategy

SEASHARP- Southeast Asia Semi-Permanent Harbor Protection