PBR (Patrol Boat River) Alpha Boat (ASPB: Assault Support Patrol Boat) Charlie Boat (CCB: Communications Control Boat) Tango Boat (ATC: Armored Troop Carrier) ARL (Amphibious Repair Light)
   Brown Water
Getting there is half the fun...
by Samuel Crawford, USS Satyr (ARL-23) 1969-71
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Two teenage boys are heading to Vietnam in this sometimes-humorous account of their ordeal traveling throughout South Vietnam in their challenge to locate their unit. Charles, fresh out of boot camp and having no idea what to do or how to get around, teamed up with Petty Officer Dan who was returning for his third tour and having all the right answers and shortcuts required to survive in 1969 Vietnam.

For Vietnam veterans, this story will bring back precious memories that will make them say, "Yeah, I remember doing stuff like that. That part of the war was fun." For those who never served in the military will find this an enjoyable eye-opener to military life from the eyes of an 18-year-old city boy from Baltimore.

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