Photos from the 40's and 50's

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USS Satyr (ARL-23)

Last updated 07/28/16

This page contains photos of the USS Satyr (ARL-23) prior to her service in Vietnam. Please contact me if you have any early photos to be shown on this page.   
Clark, Charles., arrived on the Satyr in January 1951 after boot camp, he left her in September of 54. You may contact Charles at   
Cook, Charles., S1C. Boarded ARL-23 in the Spring of 1946 on the Wangpoo River, Shangai, China. Satyr played an active part in the China Revolution in North China and Manchuria. Was discharged off the Satyr in Long Beach, Calif. on Dec. 02,1946. While aboard  they served ports in Japan, China and Manchuria. One of his duties in 1st Div. while aboard the Satyr was LCVP coxswain and third loader for on the 40 cal. May be contacted via Son Gerald at     
James, Arlie., was aboard during the Korean War (50-52) and later joined the Texas Highway Patrol.  Arlie may be reached at RR 1 Box 115 Fredericksburg, TX. 78624 Tele: 830/997-8700   
Logan, Tom M., first went aboard in March of 1947. He helped put the Satyr out of commission in Oct or Nov, 1947 at the San Diego Naval Repair Base. He left the Navy as a SKD3 in Dec of 1947. Tom passed away in January of 2001.
Mindlin, Edward (Ed), served during WWII and left in 1946. You may contact Ed at Updated 11-09-08 
Todd, Lewis J., was in the Navy July 18, 1952 to August 15, 1955. I have attached a picture of the Satyr, pictures of him on the ship and one with his friend, I'm not sure of the friends name. My dad is the one on the right. Also attached a picture of his "Domain of the Golden Dragon" certificate he received for crossing the International Date Line. The certificate itself hung on my grandmothers wall without being framed until she died. I rescued it from the trash and had it framed about 7 years ago. It was in a very fragile condition. Upon my father's death I gave the framed certificate to my oldest brother because that is what my grandmother always said should be done with it when she died. I am the oldest and a girl I felt strongly about carrying out my grandmothers wishes. New 1-10-11
Tucker, Marshall, EM3, World War II: Marshall Tucker was a part of the original Satyr Crew, he passed away several years ago. After his death his brother James found many of his old photos, did a little research on the Satyr and contacted me, to see if I would like the photos to share with everyone, MANY THANKS to Mr. James Tucker EMCS Retired 3443 Maiden Road, Clay NY 13041  Updated 2-12-11

Janosco, William, WWII, 1/44-6/46