Patches, logos and other items of interest related to the ARL-23

Last Updated 01/11/12
U.S.S. Satyr ARL-23
Mobile Riverine Unit

Courtesy of Charlie Prather 69-71
Snipes Rule
Courtesy of Mike O'Neal 70-71
Task Force 117
Courtesy of McGrogan's Military Patches
 U.S. Navy
Courtesy of Bruce Schulze 70-71
  U.S. Naval Forces Vietnam
Courtesy of Bruce Schulze 70-71
United States Navy
Courtesy of the U.S.S. Arlington (AGMR-2) Home Page
Vietnam-Cambodia War Games Participant
Courtesy of Mike O'Neal 70-71 
WWII & Korea Logo
Courtesy of Dewey Pollock
Designed by Walt Disney
"33" Beer
Courtesy of Richard Pettit 69-71

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