USS Satyr (ARL-23)
25th Anniversary

Courtesy of Albert B. Moore President of the MRFA

The twenty fourth of November 1969 marked an important event in the history of the USS Satyr (ARL-23). It was the twenty fifth anniversary of her first commissioning.

The 327 foot "green" ship was originally commissioned in November 1944, as a landing ship tank (LST) and was subsequently converted in 1944 to a repair ship for landing craft (ARL).  Throughout 1945 and early 1946 she served honorably with the Pacific Fleet at Guam, Saipan, Okinawa, Japan, and in Chinese waters. In 1946 she returned to the states and was decommissioned one year later. Called again to action by the Korean conflict , she was commissioned in 1950, only to be decommissioned upon her successful completion of her war time duties.

With widespread use of River Assault Craft in the Mekong Delta and the need for vital repairs and support. The Satyr was reactivated and recommissioned on 20 February 1968. Since her arrival in-country on 10 July 1968 she has operated on the rivers and coastal waters of Vietnam, from Dong Tam to Chau Doc and from Can Tho to Thailand.

Commanded by LT. R.T. Fellis, the Satyr's mission is that of a floating shipyard for the American and Vietnamese River Assault Craft, and centers around her all important lift capability! By means of her ‘A’ frame, she is able to lift anything from the heavyweight Monitors, descendants in looks and name from their "Civil War Ancestors" to the lightweight Swift and highly mobile (alphas) ASPBs. The ‘A’ frame is necessary for effective hull repair below the waterline or on the shaft-screw assembly. In addition her highly skilled and efficient crew can replace one or both of the 225 horsepower grey marine engines on the assault craft in a matter of hours.

A few significant figures should aid in measuring and understanding the continuous and efficient activity aboard the Satyr. Since January 1, 1969 she has replaced 117 six cylinder engines, 11 twelve cylinder engines and repaired 674 engines, made hundreds of repairs to electronic equipment, radar's, weapons system, and internal and external hull structure; in all completing over 5000 job orders as of November 1, 1969.

The above was letter was given to crew by the Satyr's Commanding Officer LT. R.E. Fellis.