A Tribute to our Shipmate Johnny, Page 1
Who we will all miss his happy go lucky easy going way with life!

The Astute Johnny

Ole Quick Draw

The Teacher

My Way or The Highway

Did You Hear Me Sailor

Just Being Johnny

Our Last Cruise With Johnny "June 2012" Cincinnati in the back ground

The Ohio River Lunch & Boat Cruise

Ladies L to R :Trudy Cassity, Sharon Lembke, Joyce Comer, Marge Helgeson, Barb Mann &  Janice O'Neal                                                                           

Men L to R : Ron (Ron-Bob) Hobson, Jim Cassidy, Russell Lembke, Robert Mann, Patrick  Comer, Henry Helgeson, Artie Kitchen, Jerry Toney, Mike O'Neal, John Sturgill, Ira Sunday & Last but not least Kneeling is Steve Massey   

Underlined is LST-603 Crew member or Family

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