Phillip Dorn RD2 (67-69)    

1968 2000
dwight Fitch (right) and Mel Hurd. Taken during Dwight's summer vacation in Washington State. Mel also served on the ARL-23

Ron Chapman lives over in upstate NY and I've kept in touch with him for the past few years. He  invited me to attend a Veterans Day observance in Old Forge, NY. Of course he stated that I could only come if I brought my original uniform. So in 2005 I met his challenge and got the mothballed Blues out and with plenty of expletives and "you have got to be kidding Alice" I put the Blues on after 35 years-- the thirteen buttons were mighty tight and the blouse did not allow much room for  taking large breaths .-- I am enclosing a picture to show how two old "scope dopes"  look presently-   Myself on left and Ron Chapman on right-- please don't do a close inspection because I would not pass-- another editorial comment--do  not let anybody tell that your head shrinks with age as my hat now just sort of sits on the peak and no way can I stretch it to fit my current head-- more sawdust I guess.

Dwight (Ike) Fitch & Ron Chapman 2005 Veterans Day Observance in Old Forge, NY